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Go Paperless for Productivity with Enterprise App MightyMeeting

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AirWatch Appy Holidays logoIs your company still pushing paper? MightyMeeting Founder Dmitri Tcherevik offers a solution to your printer-obsessed work culture: make the move to mobile. Using the company’s mobile collaboration and content sharing enterprise app, you can transform presentations into multimedia-rich, interactive experiences and paper-burdened processes into agile workflows.

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MightyMeeting on iPad Pro

Q: What’s your app’s story?

Dmitri: MightyMeeting was the first ever business app to be launched on the iPad. It was announced and demonstrated at a DEMO conference in 2010 a few weeks before the device was made publicly available. Since then the application has earned numerous awards. Recently, it has been featured by Apple as one of the amazing apps for the iPad Pro.

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Q: Who needs your app and why?

Dmitri: MightyMeeting is a mobile collaboration and presentation platform. It is used by people who need to deliver multimedia presentations while on the road or away from their desks: salespeople, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, executives, educators and other professionals. Content that is shared during a presentation can be displayed simultaneously on multiple devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. These devices can be in the same room. They can also be anywhere on the network.

Q: What role does your app play in the mobile enterprise?

Dmitri: In many organizations, MightyMeeting is deployed as part of a mobile sales enablement initiative. Traditionally, companies relied on printed materials to support their sales processes. Paper-based processes are notoriously slow and inefficient. Paper-based sales communication has many limitations. Increasingly, printed collateral is augmented or even supplanted with presentations, videos and interactive applications shared via mobile devices.

MightyMeeting is used to deliver content to mobile devices used by salespeople. Our solution is also used to synchronize content displayed on multiple devices during a sales meeting. When a salesperson opens a document on her device, this document is simultaneously displayed on all devices in the meeting room.

Q: What are your top three favorite features?

MightyMeeting Pen-Enabled CollaborationDmitri: Our customers love the ability to annotate documents and share whiteboard drawings during a meeting. This feature has become particularly popular with the emergence of professional pen-enabled tablets such as Surface Pro and iPad Pro. The experience of drawing on a Pro tablet is very close to that of drawing on paper. Imagine being able to draw on one device and have your drawings instantly mirrored on devices used by other meeting participants. Many people can collaborate to create one drawing.

In addition to sharing traditional content, such as presentations and videos, MightyMeeting can also be used to share interactive applications: product demonstrations, financial models, insurance policy illustration tools, sales configuration tools, polls, quizzes and others. The state of an application is automatically synchronized across multiple devices. When the presenter changes the parameter of a financial model on her device, for instance, this change is instantly reflected on all other devices.

We provide an SDK that enables companies to quickly develop interactive sales applications and instantly push them to mobile devices used by members of the salesforce.

Q: What’s your biggest ROI play for your customers?

Dmitri: With help of MightyMeeting, companies can significantly reduce or even entirely eliminate costs associated with production and distribution of printed collateral. By going paperless, companies can dramatically improve the productivity of their workforce and the agility of their business processes. The latest product brochure can be instantly distributed to thousands of devices with the push of a button. This process can be repeated as often as necessary with no additional costs. By going paperless, companies can project the image of innovation and friendliness to the environment. A 200-page pitchbook looks much better in digital form on a Pro tablet than it does as a printed hefty volume.

Finally, with the help of MightyMeeting, companies can turn sales meetings into engaging, collaborative and memorable experiences, which results in higher revenue and shorter sales cycles.

Q: Rumor has it that the average person will soon have four or more mobile devices. Do you see this trend in your user base?

Dmitri: In the case of MightyMeeting, the trend is even more pronounced. We see some sales teams carrying cases with tablets that they distribute to people in business meetings. Some teams are experimenting with a BYOD approach whereby meeting participants are encouraged to join a meeting session on their own devices: smartphones, tablets or laptops. Without the right tools, the task of managing the devices and content shared in a meeting can be quite daunting.

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About Dmitri Tcherevik, Founder of MightyMeeting

Dmitri Tcherevik is a founder at MightyMeeting (, a provider of award-winning mobile collaboration solutions for business and education. MightyMeeting applications and cloud services are used at thousands of companies and educational institutions worldwide to increase productivity, improve the quality of learning, and transform everyday interactions into engaging, collaborative, and memorable experiences. Before MightyMeeting, Dmitri served as the CTO at FatWire, the world’s largest private web experience management company, now a part of Oracle. Dmitri started his career at CA Technologies where he spent nine years and contributed to development of several DBMS, ECM, and EAI products.

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