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Transforming Education: The Digital Classroom | Apple iOS 9.3

Anticipated new features in Apple iOS 9.3 will make it easier to transform classrooms with technology.

With the anticipated features in Apple iOS 9.3, classrooms are poised to take another big step in digital learning transformation.

Apple is previewing new education features in the developer beta seed of iOS 9.3 that provide even more opportunities to make it even easier to enable a digital classroom. At AirWatch, we are committed to transforming learning with digital classrooms by supporting features and programs designed to deliver the best devices, apps, content and resources to students and teachers. We are excited to be underway with development to support the new features coming in iOS 9.3 and integrate with the new services for educators.

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What’s Coming

gApple is previewing new education features that will be released in iOS 9.3 that make it even easier for schools to put devices where they’ll have the greatest impact—in the hands of students. Visit Apple’s education preview webpage for more details.

New Possibilities for Educators

The new features coming in iOS 9.3, along with the more than 170,000 educational apps on the App Store, high-quality interactive textbooks and rich digital content and course creation tools, will allow our customers to deliver exceptional learning experiences to students. We are working now to integrate with and support the new features, so our education customers can take advantage as they become available from Apple. Combined with AirWatch device management, the new features help schools and teachers successfully apply Apple products inside and outside the classroom.

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At AirWatch, we’re excited each day to be part of transforming the way work is done across industries by:

  • Simplifying end-user computing;
  • Removing friction and complexity associated with device management; and
  • Integrating with the mobile ecosystem of platforms, apps and services.

ios 9 3 ipad teacher student classroomBy bringing comprehensive device, app and content management from AirWatch together with new education features in iOS, teachers and students will have access to amazing new tools to help make learning relevant to the world students live in, inspire creativity and encourage collaboration. Our teams are working now to build support for the upcoming features, so stay tuned to the AirWatch Blog for more updates, and check out Apple’s education preview for more details.

Our customers are already transforming the modern classroom experience with iPads and AirWatch. We’re excited to see the platform grow to enhance digital classrooms, teach and student engagements and new ways to learn. See how Girls’ Day School Trust is prepping girls to be leaders in technology by flipping the learning experience and giving the access to the latest tools. Read their unique story here.

Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney is a senior product marketing manager at VMware focused on mobility.


  1. Peter Meuser

    Claire, after doing some research, it looks like as if there is still no native support for pushing a “Education Configuration Profile” in AirWatch 8.3 FP4. Is this correct? What are your plans to support the features arounds Apple’s Classroom app?

    1. Blakely Thomas-AguilarBlakely Thomas-Aguilar

      Hi, thanks for your comment! We’ve worked closely with Apple to support these features in our next console release, which was announced this past Monday. Technical documentation will be available in myAirWatch in the next couple of weeks.

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