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How CASB Collaboration Helps Enterprises Solve the Mobile Cloud Security Puzzle

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Businesses and users demand new ways of working at the speed of life. New Cloud Access Security Broker collaboration helps IT empower user productivity and mobile cloud security.

If you’re using Workday, Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox and/or Office365, you are already part of the cloud revolution. If you are doing it on a mobile device, you’re part of the mobile-cloud revolution. Congrats, and welcome!

There is no question that businesses are increasingly going mobile and moving to the cloud. We aren’t talking unimportant data and business processes; the cloud is becoming home to mission-critical business applications. With anywhere access to information, enhanced user productivity, consumer-style user experiences—and simplicity, better collaboration and reduced IT costs—it’s a no brainer. But while businesses and users demand new ways of working at the speed of life, IT & security teams are struggling to keep up. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution.

cloudlock airwatch casb mobile securityVMware and AirWatch help solve the mobile cloud security puzzle: Identity, access management for user applications and devices and policy enforcement. We help you ensure the right apps are getting to the right folks at the right time on secure devices, ensuring the experience for end users is top notch. No more cumbersome user names and passwords, no manual configuration and no more being tied to a desk.

As a mobile-cloud leader, we recognize the importance of management and security for our customers and the ever-evolving needs of businesses to keep visibility across their entire IT suite. For that reason, I’m excited to share that AirWatch has been hard at work with CASB vendors to offer joint solutions that make life easier for IT. CASB, which stands for Cloud Access Security Broker, is a modern solution for businesses with advanced needs around visibility, compliance, forensics and compliance data in the cloud. Whether it is auditing records for regulatory compliance, ensuring sensitive private data stays out of the cloud or monitoring for risky user behaviors, we’re here to help.

Today, we announced our collaboration with CloudLock, a leading CASB vendor. For more information, visit their website or their entry on the AirWatch Marketplace.

Now customers have even more flexibility and choice in how to tie identity and access management with cloud visibility and policy enforcement as part of an industry-leading ecosystem of partners. We aren’t done yet, though. Expect to see other exciting enhancements and integrations on the way.

If your business is making the transformation to the mobile cloud, reach out to us. AirWatch, along with our partners, offers a complete solution to ensure success!

For more information on our technology partner ecosystem and mobile cloud security, go to

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Joseph Razavian

Joseph Razavian

As part of the VMware AirWatch strategic technology team, Joseph focuses on building relationships and integrations that ensure customers are successful in mobility.

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