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Securing Your EMM Deployment with VMware AirWatch & FireEye

  • Christopher Campbell By 1 comment

Securing your digital workspace in the mobile-cloud era has become critical as cybersecurity threats increase against mobile devices. All signs point to mobile, cloud and IoT dominating cybersecurity threats for 2016. This was bound to happen, as hackers now realize the best way to exploit any organization in through the most common method of access: mobile and cloud.

Securing your EMM investment doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Mobile Security Alliance (MSA) charter member FireEye provides enterprises and governments with real-time threat protection against the next generation of cyberattacks.

VMware AirWatch FireEye webinar

Join AirWatch and FireEye in a must-see webinar on January 28 to learn about the latest mobile risks on Android and iOS and how you can protect your organization & employees.

Register today and learn how to:

  • View device security posture based on business unit, region or organization.
  • Create policies based off potential risky behavior of applications.
  • Automate compliance enforcement when a security vulnerability is detected.
  • Enable mobile forensic for mobile threat and vulnerability management.
  • Perform contextual correlation to uncover malicious and unwanted behaviors

VMware’s John Britton and FireEye’s Asad Baheri will assess the current mobile threat landscape and delve into how AirWatch and FireEye help IT organizations address these threats with seamlessly integrated solutions.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the 2PM ET / 11AM PT session.   

Discover how AirWatch and FireEye provide threat intelligence that seamlessly integrates with the AirWatch business mobility compliance engine platform to ensure detection and remediation on the industry’s leading EMM platform.

Christopher Campbell

Christopher Campbell

Christopher is the director of marketing product strategy for VMware AirWatch mobile security.


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