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Product Reveals & Strategy Announcements Expected at VMware Online Event

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Wonder what VMware has in store for its End-User Computing division and business mobility vision this year? Here’s your exclusive VMware EUC live online event registrationchance to get the VMware news as it breaks.

Enabling the Digital Enterprise: Two-part Online Event

VMware has opened up registration for what promises to be one of the biggest technology reveals of the year. In one of the first major announcements within the tech industry this year, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger is hosting a two-day event in February to share breaking news and announcements surrounding the VMware market vision and product portfolio for 2016 and beyond.

According to the event announcement page: “VMware’s One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device architecture for IT is helping the digital enterprise from mobile devices to the data center and the cloud. This two-part online event will inspire, motivate and deliver the elements you need to move your IT agenda forward in 2016.”

The event announcement has already picked up buzz from some of the industry’s foremost end-user computing and business mobility experts:




Track 1: Deliver & Secure Your Digital Workspace

Our AirWatch readers will likely be most interested in the first track, which will be hosted on February 9 at 9:30 a.m. PST. Pat will be joined by VMware EUC EVP and general manager Sanjay Poonen, and we’re expecting some exciting new announcements in the world of end-user computing, specifically:

  • Vision for helping organizations transform traditional IT culture, process, tools and budgets by delivering and managing any app on any device from one platform;
  • VMware’s new approach for managing desktops and apps in the cloud; and
  • What’s new in the VMware Horizon portfolio.

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Track 2: Build & Manage Your Hybrid Cloud

Day two of the virtual event focuses on VMware’s software-defined data center approach, and offers attendees two different presentation tracks—one for Cloud Management Platform (CMP) and the second for hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).

Track 2, scheduled February 10 at 8:30 a.m. PST, will include:

  • How companies are implementing CMPs for intelligent operations, automated IT to IaaS and DevOps-ready IT;
  • VMware’s new streamlined product portfolio; and
  • How to future-proof your IT infrastructure with hyper-converged infrastructure.

You and your fellow AirWatch Blog readers have a unique chance to claim tickets for the February VMware news event. Use this special link to register:

Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

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