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AirWatch Content Locker

First Look: The New AirWatch® Content Locker 3.0 for iOS

  • Blakely Thomas-Aguilar By 2 comments

Register today to experience the redesigned Content Locker during our webinar on March 2.

Technology continues changing the way we work in dramatic ways—on the go and on any device—but work still revolves around two key elements: content and collaboration. Although the office is mobile and the workspace is digital, many employees still don’t have secure and productive tools to quickly access, share, create, and collaborate on content from anywhere.

a completely new user experience on airwatch content locker

Watch the on-demand webinar: “A Completely New User Experience on AirWatch Content Locker.”

Instead, workers often adopt a “bring your own” attitude when it comes to mobile content management: uploading confidential assets to public clouds, forwarding highly sensitive information over email or using free file sharing to pass along corporate documents.

An intuitive, delightful user experience is as critical as ensuring security on a mobile content management platform. Keeping that in mind, we’ve completely redesigned our AirWatch Content Locker solution for the iPad® and iPhone® to deliver a consumer-simple experience with enterprise-grade security.

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Here’s What We Did

Everything in the new Content Locker UI was purpose-built to deliver speed and ease:

  • The new and improved Content Locker experience begins right when users launch the application. Guided tutorial screens and overlay text help familiarize the user with the redesigned interface.
  • From the home page, users now have quick access to required and featured content, as well as their most recently accessed content.
  • The new User Hub gives users quick access to shared and draft files, enabling workers to easily continue working on documents.
  • Because users need to find information faster, we’ve made it easier to search across all files regardless of what repository they are stored in, as well as filter and sort these results based on relevant criteria.
  • Users can also quickly navigate to folders and files with “clickable breadcrumbs” and preview files within Content Locker with ease.
  • In the newly available card view, users can also preview videos directly from the home page without navigating to the file itself.

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Here’s Why You’ll Love It

Every strategic update was designed to improve user experiences and increase user adoption. After all, enterprises simply can’t lock down data and increase collaboration and productivity if users don’t love the tools they’re given.

To experience the new Content Locker experience for yourself, register now for our on-demand webinar. (Plus, here’s a complete set of resources to prepare users for the updated experience.)

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Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely is a brand journalist for VMware AirWatch by day, sci-fi/fantasy book-aholic (and mom of 3!) by night.


  1. Brian D

    When will the Android app be updated? Or the Windows OS?

    Introducing a redesign for one platform but not the others leads to a complete split in designing training material and helpdesk prep. Are the new gains in efficiency and simplicity for iOS users merely moving the overall support effort instead of actually reducing it?

    1. Blakely Thomas-AguilarBlakely Thomas-Aguilar Post author

      We’re working to provide the updated experience to all users, regardless of device. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements here on the AirWatch Blog, and thanks so much for commenting! ~ Blakely

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