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F5 Networks, Intel Security & Wandera Join Mobile Security Alliance

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Six months ago today, we announced the Mobile Security Alliance at AirWatch Connect Atlanta, along with 10 of the leading mobile security vendors. We created “MSA” to ensure customers could both confidently leverage existing security investments by validating solution compatibility and to enable rich integration with next-gen security vendors to reduce time to deployment and shrink time to problem resolution.

Today, I am excited to announce three new partners joining the initiative: F5 Networks, Intel Security and Wandera.

F5 Networks helps organizations secure and seamlessly scale cloud, data center and software-defined networking deployments to successfully deliver applications to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Intel Security (formerly McAfee) is a longtime leader in IT security and consistently ranks in the Gartner leader’s quadrants with its portfolio of solutions. The mission of Intel Security is to give everyone the confidence to live and work securely in the digital world.

Wandera is a pioneer in Mobile Data Optimization (MDO), providing businesses with savings, control and visibility of their mobile data usage and has rapidly solidified its position as a leading vendor of mobile threat solutions including its secure mobile gateway.

What has become the most important endpoint in an enterprise, mobile devices now travel outside the traditional network perimeter. The security practices for the client-server era where all of the important apps and data existed in your own data center are obsolete. Security in the new mobile-cloud era requires a new layered approach.

The MSA was created to help organizations simplify the implementation of threat detection into their enterprise mobile deployment—regardless of the threat vector: application, on-device malware or traffic through the network and the cloud. Leveraging threat detection and intelligence from leading security vendors and enriched with enterprise mobility management (EMM) insights, AirWatch provides escalating policy enforcement and device remediation capabilities. A truly complete mobile security solution!

F5 Networks, Intel Security and Wandera join us in a shared commitment to ensure the success of enterprise mobility initiatives and are working tightly with our product teams to develop joint solutions that achieve that goal.

F5 Networks

“We’re excited about the enhanced capabilities we can offer customers through deeper collaboration with AirWatch, and participation in the Mobile Security Alliance,” said Calvin Rowland, senior vice president, business development, F5. “These are two leaders that have been working together for quite some time, with the common goal of reducing complexity and easing integration for customers.”

Intel Security

“We are excited to work with VMWare to find new ways to address organizations’ security concerns in the age of mobility and expanding mobile workforces.  Together we can empower our customers by giving them the tools they need to better protect their data, regardless of where that data resides or travels,” said D.J. Long, head of the Intel Security Innovation Alliance.


“We are really pleased to join the Mobile Security Alliance and look forward to sharing our perspective on the mobile threat landscape with our joint customers. As the only multi-level threat prevention service for mobile, Wandera’s solution maintains a presence on the device, in the cloud gateway and within the EMM ecosystem. All of these touch points provide unrivaled visibility into mobile data usage, which allows Wandera to detect and block—in real time—suspicious anomalies in the traffic and to take action when the security risk exceeds a specified threshold,” said Stijn Paumen, vice president, business development, Wandera.

“We are also really excited, because Wandera has also recently improved its integration with AirWatch to deliver the first zero-touch deployment of a mobile security solution. In the spirit of the MSA, this joint solution was developed to simplify and accelerate the deployment of Wandera’s mobile security solution—and will significantly improve the overall service for administrators.”

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Joseph Razavian

Joseph Razavian

As part of the VMware AirWatch strategic technology team, Joseph focuses on building relationships and integrations that ensure customers are successful in mobility.

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