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What It Means to Be Productive in the Mobile-Cloud Era

  • Ashley Speagle By

Being productive at work once simply meant transforming paper processes into digital ones. But this was the desktop era, when desktop computers were the primary place work happened.

In today’s mobile-cloud era, employees expect work to be even more seamless and speedy. Employees now want to work on mobile devices as quickly as they can put a pen to paper, but the new digital ecosystem requires more steps to get from motivation to execution.

So the business world is once again redefining what it means to be productive, Blake Brannon said at Mobile World Congress 2016, vice president of product marketing at VMware AirWatch. And the momentum of mobile technology is quickly creating a completely new way of being productive at work, said Blake.

Being Productive Now Means Working in the Moment

Working across multiple devices and platforms is the new norm. Workers now want, and expect, to work on the most readily available endpoint at the moment, just like they do in their personal lives. “The world has gone to a very heterogeneous ecosystem,” said Blake. “It is the norm for me as a user to have an iPhone, an Android tablet and a MacBook or Windows Surface device, and that’s my computing environment.”

However, workflows haven’t caught up. Too often, employees still have to leave the moment they’re in, said Blake, get back to a desktop and connect to Wi-Fi to access information or complete an action. And that disrupts productivity at work.

Companies haven’t completely moved workloads to the things that never leave workers’ pockets: mobile devices. The growing number of platforms employees want to work on creates new challenges for IT, who’s now expected to support them all. Delivering any app to any device—it’s gotten complicated.

But that’s the vision for VMware Workspace ONE. “A simple notion of delivering any app to any device,” said Blake, Workspace ONE enables companies to pull together every technology employees touch and helps them broaden what they can do with mobile.

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Solving the Remaining Challenges to Mobile Productivity

Workspace ONE is an elegant solution for closing the gap between desktops and mobile devices, but what about the other remaining challenges to improving mobile productivity? Here’s how AirWatch is changing all of that.

The relaunched AppConfig Community is removing the friction of using mobile applications and adopting large sets of enterprise apps by promoting EMM vendor-neutral app development. “That drives more and more of those workloads from that traditional desktop system out to those mobile devices,” Blake said. “You remove all the challenges that end users have.”

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Easing employees’ privacy concerns is still another huge challenge to adopting mobile across the organization. Many users still fear that putting work on personal devices gives IT access to their personal information. “None of that was ever true, but the perception was out there that IT could do that,” said Blake. “You had this trust issue between employees and their own IT department.”

That’s why 2016 is all about changing perceptions about privacy for AirWatch, and the launch of AirWatch 8.3 included a huge privacy initiative to educate end users and increase transparency into what IT can see on personal devices.

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Watch the video to see what else Blake said about getting strategic with the Internet of Things (IoT), the biggest misconception about AirWatch and Microsoft applications and how enterprises are becoming early adopters of Windows 10.

Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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