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Nick McQuire

3 Trends to Watch in Enterprise Mobility from Nick McQuire

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It’s an exciting time to be an enterprise mobile user, according to Nick McQuire, vice president of Enterprise Research at CCS Insight, a market research and analysis firm for the mobile and wireless industries. The expert on the mobile enterprise hosted the panel discussion on the AppConfig Community announcement at Mobile World Congress 2016 and, afterwards, sat down with VMware TV. Here’s what he had to say about trends to watch in the enterprise mobility space.

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1. Mobile innovation will wane on the consumer side and take off on the enterprise side.

Frustrated by the small leaps in smartphone innovation? That’s because the consumer side of mobility has matured, said Nick. Now, one of the biggest areas ripe for innovation is enterprise mobility.

While innovation around hardware slows down, improvements in enterprise-grade security, programs and apps are swiftly picking up. “Every year, the enterprise grows in importance,” said Nick.

Take the S7, said Nick. The device itself was a huge Samsung announcement at Mobile World Congress, but it’s the enterprise device program behind it improving Android updates, as well as the deeper alignment between KNOX and Android for Work, that’s making waves by solving big problems for enterprise mobile fleets.

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2. Apps will be a major force of transformation for enterprise mobility.

“The potential has always been there,” said Nick goes on to say on the potential growth in the enterprise mobility space, “But the reality has not met that potential. And apps are really that area where organizations can really achieve that value from technology.”

Work doesn’t just happen on devices—it happens in mobile apps—but many enterprises have been slow to adopt large sets of apps because of the challenges around configurations and security, said Nick. That’s why the relaunched AppConfig Community, promoting an open standards approach to simplify enterprise app development, is a necessary initiative.

“We see the need,” said Nick. “We see the pain that’s out there for enterprise app developers and ISVs.”

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3. Enterprises will increasingly take a layered approach to mobile app security.

Nick also sees this evolution in enterprise app development and security raising some new questions: “Where is the control pane in the future and where do organizations leverage the most tools to configure and secure apps? Is that at the OS level? Is that at the app level?”

“From our point of view, we just see companies taking that layered security model, so they’re equally as important, which is what AppConfig is all about,” said Nick.

Watch the video now to hear Nick talk about AppConfig and other big trends at Mobile World Congress, including innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

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