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Top Mobile News at HIMSS 2016, the Best in Cyber Security and MDM

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Healthcare IT’s getting a wizard.

VMware AirWatch announced the arrival of wizard-like, healthcare industry templates for iOS at the 2016 HIMSS conference. The templates help healthcare IT accelerate mobile deployments with smart recommendations on apps, policies and more. Get your first look at the wizardry behind the templates here.

Healthcare security is heavily underfunded and under attack.

A 2016 HIMSS Analytics survey exposes the growing security vulnerabilities in healthcare. Healthcare attacks have increased by 125 percent in the past five years. Yet less than 6 percent of healthcare budgets go to security, and less than half of healthcare providers have sufficiently secured mobile medical devices. Read more in Modern Healthcare.

You can trust us.

Just in time for the RSA Conference, the 2016 SC Magazine Awards awarded AirWatch: The Best Mobile Application Management Solution for 2016, The Cutting Edge Mobile Device Management Solution for 2016 and The Hot Company in Content Management and Filtering Solutions for 2016. See the entire list of winners in cyber defense here.

BYOD is in full force.

Nearly all workers now use at least one mobile device during the workday to access at least four apps to work, according to a recent survey by Wrike. The study also found that, overwhelmingly, workers prefer bring-your-own-device (BYOD). CIO breaks down the pros and cons of BYOD.

The limitations of VPNs in a mobile, app-centric world.

VPNs have long been used to lock down access to corporate data outside the office, but the proliferation of mobile devices and apps poses new challenges to securing data. The VMware AirWatch Tunnel solution provides a solution. Register for our webinar on March 9 to learn more about the AirWatch Tunnel.

Here’s who will lead the wearables revolution.

A new IDC Research report indicates that style and trendiness could be the final push for the wearables market to explode. The participants most excited about wearable technology self-identified as hyper social, highly tech savvy and style conscious. Check out the infographic here.

The MDM white smoke has appeared.


The Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Radar report recently revealed the 16 platforms that reign in mobile device management (MDM). Get free access to the full report here.

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Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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