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[VIDEO] InformationWeek Expert on IoT, 5G Networks & Future of Enterprise Mobility Management

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) and business mobility innovations infiltrate companies worldwide—and as 5G cellular networks loom on the horizon—InformationWeek’s Pablo Valerio told VMwareTV: Enterprises will face management challenges.

The renowned international business, author and IT consultant shared his insights into the future of enterprise mobility management and the digital workspace on the world’s largest mobile stage, Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. Watch his great video interview with VMwareTV, and read the highlights of the Q&A below.

VMware: Pablo, how are you finding the event this year?

Pablo: Usually, there’s a place for presentations of new products and new devices, new initiatives. But there’s also a lot of talk about the 5G networks and how to manage those networks, which is very important. On the enterprise part, there are a lot of talks about cloud, virtualization, management of devices, so I think the industry’s becoming more and more consolidated in a way.

VMware: How do you see those mobility trends—business mobility—more popular within the enterprise? How do you see that space?

Pablo: I think the trends that we saw last year are continuing to be on the same pace. There are more mobile devices in the market, but (there are) things like, for example, tablets are not growing in terms of the market share, but they’re still selling strongly. We can see a new space coming, which is wearables, which are starting to appear in the enterprise (and) which is not something we had last year. Before it was just a consumer trend, but now people are starting to use things like smartwatches, which is something that executives are looking to have information on their watches as they did on their smartphones before.

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VMware: So, talking about wearables and that shift you’re actually seeing in the market, how are you finding integration between mobility management and IoT?

Pablo: Well, that’s a very good question. This is going probably to be one of the key issues this year, because IoT is rolling very fast. Not only on the typical infrastructure like, for example, smart grids, for example, smart city areas, but it’s also growing very fast into the enterprise and consumer (markets). And I think enterprises are beginning to worry more about how this needs to be managed effectively, not only in the typical bring-your-own-device BYOD), but also how they can provide services to IoT users and how to manage that from the security point of view and from the network point of view.

VMware: So, definitely a lot of development in that area.

Pablo: The other thing that is very key this year is that the 5G networks are starting to be more present in terms of technology. We don’t have a standard yet. Those standards won’t be available probably until the end of the decade. But we’re starting to see good experiences, especially because 5G will provide the connectivity and, basically, the bandwidth that will be necessary to manage all these new devices that we’re going to have in the next five years.

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