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VMware AirWatch Supports iOS 9.3

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AirWatch enables new operational efficiencies and unlocks new deployment use cases with support for iOS 9.3.

At the Apple Special Event today, Apple made several announcements, including iOS 9.3 availability (replay available here). AirWatch supports new management features enabled in iOS 9.3 today. We are excited to deliver this new functionality to our customers and their users to enhance some of the most common use cases.

Streamlined Workflows

Consistency is key for many workers, and home screen layout is no exception. In education, ensuring students have the same app layout makes it easier for teachers when using iPads for instruction or testing. Retail stores, hotels or restaurants can deliver consistent experiences for employees and customers, regardless of which location is visited. And for all industries, training, troubleshooting and sharing devices is easier when a consistent app layout is used.

Using AirWatch, admins can how completely customize the home screen layout of the iOS device. By selecting apps for the dock, folder and app structure for the home screen, IT can provide a consistent user experience by laying out applications in a way that makes most sense for the device use. (For supervised devices only.)

ios 9 3 education student app download airwatch

(From left) Before iOS 9.3 on AirWatch: Apps download as needed on this student’s device, but they aren’t organized.
After: The apps the student uses most are in the Dock, and apps are in folders organized by subject area.

Easily Locate Lost Devices  

When users lose track of their device, enable Lost Mode from the AirWatch console to easily locate the device without requiring the device to use an Apple ID or be manually setup with Find My iPhone. IT can quickly lock the device to protect data—without wiping the device. When the device is recovered, Lost Mode is disabled and the device can be unlocked. Users are notified that device location was reported when they unlock the device. (For supervised devices only.)

Shared & Personalized Devices

For situations where users share devices using AirWatch’s check-in/check-out functionality, personalizing the experience for each user depending on job function and assigned tasks is critical. Making the right apps available for each user and hiding the apps they don’t need makes it easier for employees to do their work. By using the “Show/Hide” restriction in the admin console, admins can customize which apps are shown vs. hidden for a user and eliminate the need to uninstall/reinstall apps with each check-in/check-out, saving time for users. (For supervised devices only.)

App Notification Controls

IT can enable or disable notifications on a per-app basis. Notifications can be disabled completely, or customized by alert style and sound. (For supervised devices only.)

IT can enable or disable notifications on a per-app basis. Notifications can be disabled completely, or customized by alert style and sound. (For supervised devices only.)

To tailor the user experience, IT can customize app notification settings for any managed app. This allows IT to change specific notifications to alert task workers of a new work order or assignment with an audible sound, disable notifications to reduce distractions for students, or disable the ‘Preview’ feature for messaging and email apps to prevent sensitive data from displaying on a lock screen or in the notification center.

Privacy & Transparency for Users

To provide more transparency to users, supervised devices now display a managed notice to users in two locations: the home screen and in the Settings > General > About section. When combined with the AirWatch Privacy First initiative, users have more information about what management means and the data IT collects.  On both the lock screen and in the Settings > General > About section, users are now informed about device management.

Learn More

Devices enrolled in AirWatch can update to iOS 9.3 without interruption of services or the need to re-enroll. Administrators can take advantage of the new features today with custom profiles, available in myAirWatch. Features will be available in the console with future feature pack releases. Visit myAirWatch to learn more about iOS 9.3, and visit the Apple microsite to learn more about our support for iOS.

Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney is a senior product marketing manager at VMware focused on mobility.

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