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What We Learned from the Microsoft Build Keynote #Build2016

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Microsoft hosted its Build 2016 opening keynote this morning, and the announcements had incredible implications for the enterprise. Microsoft is one of our biggest partners, and we’re excited to see how our customers harness their technology alongside VMware AirWatch to power their increasingly mobile organizations.

Here are the biggest announcements for the enterprise during today’s Microsoft Build keynote:

Microsoft HoloLens is Here

Just a day after Facebook started shipping Oculus Rift, Microsoft announced that it begins shipping its anticipated HoloLens virtual reality hardware today. Select developers and customers (including AirWatch!) will be the first to get their hands on the only cordless holograph machine on the market today.

Since HoloLens runs Windows 10, customers will be able to use AirWatch to manage their HoloLens devices from the unified AirWatch console. Using familiar management tools like AirWatch and operating systems (OS) like Windows 10 will likely help customers more quickly pick up this new technology for enterprise use cases.

The possibilities for this new form of computing are endless. Let us know what industry you think will be the most likely to adopt virtual reality on our Twitter poll.

Windows 10 Is a 100

It’s been highly reported that Windows 10 is Microsoft’s fastest-adopted OS in both the consumer and business worlds. Today, they put some numbers behind it:

  • Windows 10 has 270 million active users
  • People are spending 75 billion hours on Windows 10
  • Microsoft’s hardware partners have launched more than 500 new devices designed for Windows 10
  • Enterprises are also adopting Windows 10 (we agree!) and the U.S. Dept. of Defense will upgrade four million devices this year
  • Older PCs can now update to Windows 10

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At AirWatch, we are working closely with thousands of our customers to test and deploy Windows 10 through AirWatch. We’ve seen the outstanding success of this new platform and look forward to bringing our customers new features by supporting those available in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Hello Gets More

Many of the updates announced today are a part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, expected later this summer. Among the updates include enhancements to Windows Hello, the biometric authentication tool introduced in Windows 10.

Hello will soon integrate into apps, providing more seamless and secure log-ons and also with Microsoft Edge, the new Microsoft browser. In Edge, users can use Hello authentication to enter participating websites with a single touch.

AirWatch supports Windows Hello today and will continue to provide our customers options to take advantage of these new features.

Cortana & Skype

Microsoft also announced updates to Cortana and Skype, including deep integrations available on Windows, iOS and Android platforms. Read more on The Verge:

Bots & Bash

For the developer crowd, two of the biggest announcements were Bots and Bash. Here are some ways to learn more:

We’ve got our experts on the ground at Microsoft Build keynotes, attending sessions and learning everything they can to maximize Windows 10, Office 365, Azure and the entire Microsoft platform for our enterprise customers. Stay tuned for more!

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