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Want to Work On the Holodeck? 5 Examples of Business Using Virtual Reality

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A Google Cardboard headset and a smartphone now can take you to exotic locations without leaving your desk. As virtual reality technology gets more affordable and accessible, you can expect to see a growing number of business use cases, too. Let’s grab a Romulan ale (if you’re reading this at the office, better make it tea, Earl Grey, hot) and look at five epic examples of business using virtual reality (VR) today.

1. Learn Something New

VMware AirWatch Connect LocalTraining is perhaps the most popular enterprise-related use case. VR is already being used to help students learn new skills, like welding at Cincinnati State, performing surgery at the Royal London hospital and even comedy writing.

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2. Face Your Fears

My fellow Atlantans at Virtually Better, a VR healthcare firm, create VR environments to help people overcome phobias, without putting them at risk. Someone who is afraid of heights, for example, is led through a virtual building by a trained therapist, starting with peeking over a first-floor balcony and ending with a rooftop stroll. Then, they can calm down with some lovely 3D fish.

3. Don’t Go To That Meeting

Not in person, anyway. The director of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab talks about how VR can help companies save fuel and money on meetings or teleconferences but keep that personal touch in this PRI “Science Friday” feature story.

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4. Get It Right the First Time

AirWatch Developing a BYOD StrategyIf you’ve done any renovation projects, you know home improvements do not always come out the way you envisioned. Now imagine building a 100,000-square-foot corporate headquarters. Architecture firms could save a lot of time and money by doing a VR walkthrough first.

5. Reimagine the Shopping Experience

Car showrooms are experimenting with new ways to help customers experience new vehicles, says this article by Wards Auto.  Although no one expects VR to replace a test drive (yet), people are already shopping for cars online, and VR adds a new dimension to the 360-degree view on a flat screen.

And if the Star Trek references weren’t enough for you, you may want to learn how to work on the International Space Station.

Is your company experimenting with VR for training, consumer experiences or business interactions? Share your unique story of business using virtual reality or simply your ideas for the future in the comments below. Live long and VR!

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