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Allocab driver

Need a Lift and a Baguette? Contact #MobileGameChanger Allocab

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Next time you need a ride to the Eiffel Tower, call French taxi company Allocab. They’ll give you a fixed rate, fast service and snacks—and it’s all managed by VMware AirWatch technology. Except for the snacks, of course.

In 2011, Allocab founder Yanis Kiansky discovered how easy it is to get through Paris traffic on a motorcycle taxi. When he spoke with the drivers, however, he discovered that many of them were having trouble finding new customers and managing their schedules. The Allocab idea was born. Allocab now uses more than 1,000 private drivers to transport people in 22 cities around France. Customers can call, book on the web or use the Allocab app to schedule a ride.

Get There Your Way

Each driver, whether they own a van, car or motorcycle, can set their own schedule using their own mobile phone and the Allocab app. Said Kiansky,

We had to provide our partner drivers with a business application where they could manage their schedule, but also meet clients’ requests for immediate departures. That’s why we decided to use the AirWatch solution which allowed us to address our main needs: deploy and control the deployment of our business application on the driver’s mobile phone, and create a private store on the mobile phone where the driver can view our recommended applications [such as maps and traffic].”

AirWatch mobile device management provides benefits for the company and its drivers. Driver Joël Biers said that using a smartphone “changed the way I work in terms of time management, and I can handle many more taxi rides in one day.”

The company uses the AirWatch console to see how often the app is being opened, helping them understand workflows and increase productivity. If a driver’s phone is lost, the AirWatch console can locate it and perform an enterprise wipe if necessary. AirWatch also helped Allocab halve its driver recruitment time by making it easy to distribute the Allocab app throughout France.

Watch the Allocab #MobileGameChanger video to see how AirWatch helps Allocab achieve its vision of technology.

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Katie Smeal

Katie Smeal

Katie Smeal leads customer relations at VMware AirWatch. She enjoys sharing the stories that highlight companies across the globe revolutionizing their business and industry through mobile innovation.

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