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Ticketmaster Spain on VMware TV

[VIDEO] Ticketmaster: Content Locker Delivers Security and Ease of Access

  • Katie Smeal By

By Karina Arteaga in Mobile Content Management

Mobile World Congress 2016 was a great opportunity for VMware TV to talk with mobility project leaders from global businesses, like Ticketmaster Spain. Fernando Maté, IT manager at Ticketmaster Spain, shared his views with VMware TV about the latest mobility trends and explained the process of mobile innovation within this leading company in the ticketing and entertainment industry.

He said that, currently, his main goal is to bring all services to the cloud, and for mobile content management, VMware AirWatch Content Locker is the best solution. Content Locker helps the company ensure that the data handled by users during concerts and other special events remains secure, whether it is accessed through mobile devices or laptops.

For Ticketmaster Spain, data security is critical due to the sensitive content the company handles, including their agreements with and the private information of many prominent promoters and artists. Fernando explained how easy it is to containerize that data using AirWatch, both at a specific app level and at the device level, in order to protect critical information within Content Locker.

With Content Locker, Ticketmaster Spain can access content anywhere and from any type of mobile device managed with AirWatch. This ease of access goes beyond what other standard solutions in the industry can deliver, he said.

Digital workspace solutions like Content Locker enable companies like Ticketmaster to drive business transformation and meet end users’ demands for security, mobility and ease of access so they can work more efficiently. Watch the full interview in the video below, and catch up on our other VMware TV interviews from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Katie Smeal

Katie Smeal

Katie Smeal leads customer relations at VMware AirWatch. She enjoys sharing the stories that highlight companies across the globe revolutionizing their business and industry through mobile innovation.

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