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[Video] How Essilor Raised Sales Productivity with iPads

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Watch our #MobileGameChanger video to see how world leader for corrective lenses, Essilor International, used VMware AirWatch enterprise mobility management to raise sales productivity with tablets.

Nearly 56 percent of people who cannot properly see the world around them don’t receive the visual correction they need. Essilor International, world leader for corrective lenses, has been working to change that for 160 years.

This mission, and their ongoing innovations in lenses technology to enable such change, put them on Fortune’s first ever “Change the World” list and on Forbes’ “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” list for five years.

In fact, Essilor develops hundreds of new products in a single year alone. To keep up with all of the new product launches, Essilor’s salesforce needs fast, reliable connectivity to the latest product information and data.

When the company released a breakthrough product in the ophthalmic industry (their new Varilux S Series lenses) Essilor France tried something new to enable sales. The company replaced their sales team’s corporate laptops with tablets, and Essilor trusted VMware AirWatch to help them securely deploy 100 Apple iPads with apps in time for a global trade show.

Watch the video below to hear Essilor’s #MobileGameChanger story:

Essilor’s Enterprise Mobility Strategy

“Staying up to date with technology is important to Essilor,” said Eric Aumaitre, regional sales coordinator at Essilor. “Innovation is in our DNA, and it is central to all of our product communications. We decided to deploy iPads to our salesforce to empower our employees with an innovative technology tool.”

With tablets, sales reps can make slick and modern product presentations to clients, as well as manage customer relations on their internally developed CRM mobile app. Here’s a look at some of the ways Essilor manages these tablets and apps with the scalable, robust, intuitive AirWatch enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform:

  • Mobilizing the Office: With managed tablets, Essilor employees can access their company email, calendar, contacts and work apps at any time and any place. Essilor is also looking into adding mobile content management (MCM) capabilities with AirWatch Content Locker so employees can securely view and edit documents on the go.
  • Making Apps Accessible: Essilor makes it easy for users to find and download the work apps they need through the Essi Store, their customized AirWatch Catalog of apps available. Here, employees can see a list of Essilor’s own apps, developed internally, and public apps purchased in bulk through the Apple Volume Purchase Program. Essilor even ensures employees only have access to information and apps relevant to their job by pushing role-based EMM profiles to tablets.
  • Locking Down Data: Essilor makes sure the internal-only product information on these mobile devices isn’t accessible in the hands of someone outside the company. From the AirWatch console, Essilor sets passcode requirements and can remotely wipe devices that are lost or stolen.
Essi Store

Essilor employees can download critical work apps right from the Essi Store.

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Mobile Productivity Tools for Sales

Mobility became a key element in our sales strategy.”

Since replacing laptops with tablets and mobile apps, Essilor has seen a tangible increase in employee productivity among their salesforce. Sales reps have less downtime now that they can work on the go, and they spend less time at the office and more time where it counts most—with clients. Administrative processes have improved and saved employees time, sales reps are able to respond to clients faster (which is known to dramatically improve sales outcomes) and, overall, the Essilor salesforce is happier having mobile productivity tools.

“Mobility became a key element in our sales strategy,” said Julien Zamora, head of marketing and sales at Essilor France. “Mobility has improved our client relationships. Our faster response times and coordination across departments and with sales representatives has allowed us to provide better service to our clients.”

In addition, Essilor’s salesforce says using mobile devices positions them as an innovative industry leader to their clients. Essilor’s future plans to enable electronic document signatures for client contracts will further help the company differentiate themselves from competitors.

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Katie Smeal

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