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[VIDEO] Q&A with AstraZeneca on Becoming a Mobile-First Enterprise

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When AstraZeneca, a top global biopharmaceutical company, wanted to accelerate their mobile-first enterprise agenda, they standardized on the VMware AirWatch platform to deliver better user experiences and enable productivity on the go. Watch and read the interview below from Mobile World Congress 2016 with Al Mackay, global IT mobility lead for AstraZeneca.

What is AirWatch helping you accomplish in terms of enterprise mobility?

Al: “We’re currently moving from multiple MDMs (mobile device management solutions) today and really looking to transform onto the AirWatch platform. AirWatch for us really offers opportunities to accelerate our mobile-first agenda.

As a company, we’re trying to really move to that sort of direction where we’re enabling people to be on the move, on the go, and really get the best user experience. So we’re moving from multiple MDMs today. We’ve got around about 80,000 devices that we’re trying to transform onto the AirWatch platform. And we’ve got a large program in place at the moment to move people over smartly, fastly, and that’s a big priority for us this year.

Secondly, we’re also looking at transforming at the same time, so leveraging the AirWatch capabilities, application configuration for enterprise, as well, all of the things that help us streamline user experience and really make sure we get the best out of the investment that AirWatch offers and then the partnerships that AirWatch holds, as well.”

What does AirWatch do for your end users?

Al: “I think a lot of it is about that seamless experience. So they’re really going to get a neat user experience. It gives them that native capabilities that they like out there in their personal life but given that enterprise corporate control that we need to protect AstraZeneca data.

But what we don’t want to do is ruin what is good about mobile, and that’s where AirWatch plays really nicely for us. And I think, again, of the partnership that AirWatch holds with all the partners that we actually need to work with now—we’re mobile-first, we’re a cloud-first company—and AirWatch really helps us to do that integration to their partners.”

How does AirWatch meet your security needs?

Al: “A lot of it is about, of course, protecting the data that’s on the devices, so we are doing that, but we also are looking to leverage the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios, as well. So, again, it’s something that AirWatch played very nicely into that we can not only manage the devices that we need to from a corporate point of view—so we’ve got that asset control, we’ve got information on what the devices are doing—but also enable people to compliantly access our data on bring-your-own devices, as well.

So we’ll be doing a combination of two different security approaches leveraging AirWatch. We’re also working with a number of other partners like Box, etc., that, again, AirWatch helps us to have that control over what people are actually leveraging in other data sources, as well.”

How does AirWatch impact employee productivity?

Al: “We’ve seen great increases with end-user feedback towards enablement. It’s all about enablement, and they don’t want to be in a position where we’re restricting it and giving them a solution which it isn’t natural, isn’t fun to work with almost.

That’s very much what we’re key about is giving them that good user experience on the devices that they love, and we don’t want to force down a ‘You must work this way.’ We want to force down an opportunity to say, ‘We can enable you on any device, anywhere, anytime.’”

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Katie Smeal

Katie Smeal

Katie Smeal leads customer relations at VMware AirWatch. She enjoys sharing the stories that highlight companies across the globe revolutionizing their business and industry through mobile innovation.

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