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[On-Demand Webinar] Cloud Security for Dummies with VMware AirWatch & Netskope

  • Christopher Campbell By

Join Netskope’s Steve Malmskog and Lebin Cheng—authors of "Cloud Security for Dummies"—as they reveal the 10 must-haves for the cloud-consuming mobile workforce.

More than half of all enterprise cloud app activities now occur over mobile devices, with enterprise mobility at the epicenter of business productivity and cybersecurity challenges. As cybersecurity threats increase, protecting business resources in the cloud from compromised mobile endpoints can be a daunting task.

In this webinar, join the authors of “Cloud Security for Dummies”—Netskope’s Steve Malmskog and Lebin Cheng—for a lively discussion, as they reveal the 10 “must-haves” for the cloud-consuming mobile workforce.

Watch on-demand today, and learn how to:

  • Use intelligence about identity, device and cloud usage to inform policy decisions on the device, in the app and in the cloud;
  • Identify cloud app usage trends to anticipate users’ needs and create a better mobile and cloud user experience;
  • Proactively protect sensitive user and corporate information through policy; and
  • Halt threats in the cloud before they spread to users’ devices.


Join us to learn how VMware AirWatch and cloud access security broker (CASB) Netskope work together to provide a combined solution that helps guard against the growing risk of cyber threats across your cloud and mobility investments.

Also, visit the AirWatch Marketplace and the Mobile Security Alliance page at to learn how AirWatch and our security partners deliver secure, flexible and simple options to protect mobile devices, apps and networks.

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Christopher Campbell

Christopher Campbell

Christopher is the director of marketing product strategy for VMware AirWatch mobile security.

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