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mobile race to the white house

The Mobile Race to the White House

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In the U.S., the presidential race to the White House is rising to a fervor as November approaches. And the campaign process, like so many other facets of our modern connected society, is increasingly happening through and on our mobile devices.

In the recent Radius blog, On the Campaign Trail: Mobility and the Road to the White House, physical door-to-door campaigning is a fast-becoming a thing of the past. Today, presidential hopefuls—and, indeed, all hopefuls trying to gain a governmental seat—turn to virtual EUC Insights 2016 square CTAcampaigning via apps on mobile devices —particularly smartphones.

With nearly two-thirds of Americans owning a smartphone, the opportunities for low-cost, mobile advertising and social media targeting makes mobility the new top priority for presidential hopefuls. For the organizations invested in these campaigns—and the U.S. government itself—having a business mobility strategy and digital workspace infrastructure is an absolute must to successfully reach the modern, mobile-enabled voter.

Here are some recent examples of the increasingly mobile race to the White House:

  • President Barack Obama gamified his campaign in 2012, ranking the most active supporters and volunteers based on their level of activity.
  • Both major political parties—Democrats and Republicans—invested in cloud platforms to power this year’s election cycle.
  • Door-to-door canvassers leverage the mobile app MiniVAN to log activity and sentiments into a virtual database.
  • Data mining leverages Big Data and Facebook to widen their “friends” and target potential supporters.
  • Media buys have significantly shifted from big-dollar TV ads to social, online and digital advertising—the majority of which is optimized for mobile consumption and pinpoint targeting.

Whether empowering employees and candidates with business mobility or targeting potential voters on their mobile devices, a strong mobile strategy is now a must-have for modern political races. As the Radius staff wrote, “Whoever leverages this platform best will almost assuredly be their party’s candidate, and come November, the next president of the United States.”

Dive deeper into these trends on Radius.

Want to learn how your government agency or political party could benefit from business mobility? Learn about VMware’s Secure Digital Workspace for Government here.

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