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9 IoT Influencers Share Smart Tech They’re Most Excited About

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We’ve been talking a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT) here on the AirWatch Blog lately, and obviously we have our favorite use case picked out. But as IoT continues to grow, it’s getting harder and harder to keep tabs on all the cool things that businesses are doing—so we reached out to some top IoT influencers on Twitter and asked them about the most impressive use case they’ve heard of. Here are some of our favorite responses.

Patient Monitoring

Smartwatches and fitness trackers that constantly track metrics like heart rate have become commonplace, but according to GE, the future of healthcare lies in monitoring much more. Teams at GE are working on digital monitoring tools the size of Band-Aids that consistently monitor and record vital health metrics like heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and more. Erno Muuranto, Director of Engineering at GE Healthcare, says that having this kind of data in real time will help professionals make more accurate and timely diagnoses, administer correct treatment faster, monitor people remotely and ultimately improve care while decreasing costs.

Diabetes patients are already benefiting from this type of technology. Non-invasive wearable devices can now measure glucose levels and alert the patient—and doctors and selected family members or friends—when blood sugar levels get too high or low.

Digital Pills

According to the World Health Organization, about half of all patients with chronic illnesses fail to take their medication as directed. Healthcare startup Proteus aims to remedy this challenge by developing a tiny device the size of a grain of sand that sends a signal when ingested. This signal can then be relayed to a mobile app for easy and accurate tracking, making patients’ lives easier.

Improving Life for the Deaf and Blind

Influencer @JamesMonighan shared this story with us about how IoT technology helps a deafblind man reclaim security and ease anxiety in his own home. From sending a vibration to his SmartSense Multi Sensor when someone knocks on the door to detecting and sending notifications about water overflows and leaks, connected technology has transformed Ben Fletcher’s life.

Animal Tracking and Conservation  

IoT is helping us better understand, protect and conserve the lives of thousands of animals, from pets and farm animals to the wild animals roaming the Serengeti. For example, Elephants Without Borders uses satellite tracking collars to monitor and record the distribution, movement, behavior and social organization of wild elephants in Africa. The data they collect empowers scientists and conservationists to develop new ideas for maintaining and protecting wildlife and their environments.

Another conservation organization, the Wild Nature Institute, has partnered with Microsoft to develop image recognition software that can quickly sift through thousands of images to recognize giraffe torsos. Since a giraffe’s spot patterns are unique to each animal, much like a human fingerprint, scientists at the Wild Nature Institute are then able to match these images to their existing database and efficiently and accurately track the movement, survival and habitation patterns of giraffes.

Making Parking Less of a Headache

Ever had this experience: You’ve built up the anticipation and excitement of taking your kids (or going as an adult) to Disney for weeks, and then on the morning of, by the time you get to the park and drive around for 30 minutes looking for a parking spot that isn’t 100 miles away, you’re already irritated, sweaty and ready for a beer ice cream. Well thanks to IoT, finding an open parking space is about to get way easier. New connected sensors in parking lots and garages now direct drivers to rows with open spots, saving you time and a headache.

Smart Showers

Targeting hotels and the hospitality industry, Symmons Industries has created a smart shower faucet that collects aggregated data on how much water is used, how much time is spent in the shower and average water temperature across a property. Hotels can use this data and predictive analytics to reduce operating costs, detect potential issues and enhance the guest experience.

While this may seem more creepy than useful to the average hotel guest, tracking water usage across hospitality properties has important implications for water conservation. Plus, according to Tim O’Keeffe, CEO of Symmons Industries, this data can also open the door for hotels to come up with innovative new offerings. “Imagine a world where hotel owners donate a portion of the water savings resulting from Inflow Shower to charities bringing clean water to developing nations,” says Keffee. “These types of ideas will now be possible.”


Influencer Beverly Macy shared with us her recent story on how IoT is impacting the advertising world. As vendors and businesses are able to collect more data on specific consumer behavior, advertising will become even more targeted. According to Macy, smart devices will not only provide the data for more targeted ads in the future, but they will also start to serve more and more as the vehicle for these advertising messages: “A Honeywell ad pops up on your thermostat…or a coupon for chicken soup is inserted at your microwave on a rainy day when you have the sniffles.”

“MMM, Beer”

Finally, everyone’s favorite weekend beverage is getting smarter. Or rather, restaurants and breweries are getting smarter about how they serve beer and how their patrons are consuming it. The SteadyServ iKeg system uses sensors to determine how much beer is in a keg at any given time, giving distributors valuable, real-time data about inventory. Distributors also gain insights into which beers are most popular during each season and where they should be allocating their marketing dollars.

What’s your favorite IoT use case? Share it with us in the comments below or tweet at us (@AirWatch)! And if you’re looking for more IoT thought leaders to follow, check out our IoT Influencer Twitter list.

Chelsea Curtis

Chelsea Curtis

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