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[Infographic] The Undeniably Mobile Consumer | Retail Technology Trends

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Dive into the biggest consumer and retail technology trends, including business mobility, omnichannel engagement, digital workspaces and more, in our new infographic.


The Mobile, Connected Consumer

The modern consumer is undeniably mobile, with 70% of those surveyed citing access to a smartphone.

  • 70% have access to a smartphone
  • 51% a tablet
  • 14% wearables
  • 9% all three devices

Forty-four percent of consumers said mobile influences 75% of purchases. Consumers are even paying with their mobile devices:

5% (2014) -> 18% (2015) = 4X mobile payment growth

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Omnichannel: Catching Up to Customer Demands

What is omnichannel retail? An integrated experience where consumers can research, purchase, pick up and even return transactions across multiple channels—stores, online, mobile apps, contact centers, catalogs and more.

Fifty percent of consumers expect to buy online and be able to pick up in-store. The opportunity cost of not being omnichannel is 10% in lost revenue.

Top Retail Technology Priorities

Seventy percent of retail IT leaders cite “mobile” as a top priority.

  • 55% omnichannel integration
  • 53% advanced CRM/loyalty programs
  • 51% mobile for associates
  • 47% mobile engagement for consumers
  • 36% single transaction engine

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Eye on IoT: 2020 Projections

Today, Bluetooth Beacons and RFID tags are the most well-known Internet of Things (IoT) devices in retail. By 2020, however, IoT could have the biggest impact on the modern customer experience.

  • $300 billion annual total market
  • $2.5 billion projected IoT retail spend
  • 38.5 billion connected devices
  • 70% will be non-consumer devices

Digitizing the In-store Experience

With technologies like mPOS and Beacons accessing smart real-time data in the cloud, retailers will deliver an engaging, anyway-you-want-it customer experience that goes beyond the brick and mortar.

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Do More than Keep Up: Show Customers the Way

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