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Now Is the Time to Invest in your Enterprise Mobility Success

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The following post was contributed by Maryam Zand, senior director Global SISO and Telco Partner Marketing, Alliance Marketing, VMware.

When deploying an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, many IT teams feel as though they have to make trade-offs that will result in someone or some group being unhappy. Giving end users all the access they want may raise security issues and regulatory compliance concerns. But locking down environments too much will make it difficult to give end users the mobile flexibility they need to be productive.

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As your business starts to build out your comprehensive business mobility program, it is best to approach the opportunity as a journey. If you go all-in too fast without the proper plan and adequate resources, the program could fail. But if go too slow, you could find your investment a waste of time and money.

Perhaps the best advice for those just beginning the journey is to avoid doing it all on your own. By collaborating with an experienced mobility partner, you can strike a perfect balance by leveraging their perspective and expertise, as well as the mobility best practices they can bring to the table.

Capgemini My Workspace, powered by VMware, brings technical experts together to support customers in their mobile journey. Our experts partner with you to transform and improve user productivity and ensure security—anytime, anywhere, using any device,” said Jan Kritz, senior global end user services practice at Capgemini.

Hear more in this short video on customer benefits:

Working with an experienced partner just might be the best decision you will make. Together, you can develop a mobility plan that addresses questions centered on these four pillars:

1. Greater Choice with Application Access: How do you mobilize legacy apps, while having the means to invest in new apps that enable new workflows?
2. Acquisition and Deployment Models: Which cost models make the most sense, and how do you find the right balance of in-house and outsourced EMM?
3. Improved User Experiences and Lower Risk: How can you create thoughtful data workflows that employ acceptable use policies, rather than clunky, siloed app-oriented tasks that fall short of the desired user experience?
4. Built-in Flexibility for the Right Scale and Service Level: Are you proving mobility to a business group or the entire company and what scale of helpdesk support and in-region, boots-on-the-ground support based does your organization need?

Taking the partner approach for your journey gives you a set of well-defined requirements—not a set of either/or limitations. In the end, you are able to improve time-to-value and deliver what your business and your users need—with the fewest trade-offs possible!

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Guest Contributors

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