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Retail Data Security: Protecting Data beyond the Transaction

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Retailers are increasingly under pressure from both consumers and regulatory agencies to build security programs that effectively protect customer data. As retailers look to roll EUC Insights 2016 square CTAout mobile solutions, security for devices, applications and content is a paramount concern in their mobility management strategy.

Customer data theft has become as important an issue as merchandise theft. According to a recent Verizon report, retail accounts for 1-in-13 data breach incidents. Data thefts committed against retailers draw the most attention, as retail stores are the big names consumers know and the places they often shop. Reputation is top of mind as retailers fight for market share and loyal customer bases.

Only 28% of consumers are loyal to their providers and brands, and only 31% are willing to recommend those providers and brands to others.

This means success must start with day-zero accountability to keep customers coming back.

The Mounting Pressures of Compliance & Breach Risks

In addition, new regulations and mandates require retailers to be up to date with the latest PCI and compliance requirements. The new 2015 EMV compliance mandate adds to regulatory pressures, requiring U.S. merchants to maintain full software and hardware upgrades to increasing their edge against data breaches. With mounting pressure to remain compliant, many retailers are struggling to find resources, time, and management to implement and maintain requirement mandates. Given that a security breach cost organizations an average $5.9 million in 2014, taking preventive measures is a necessity in today’s retail environment.

Securing Retail Mobility from End to End

There are are variety of mobile solutions that can be deployed across an organization. They can range from corporate-owned devices, to employee owned devices where customers and associates can access corporate data, email, customer information, analytics, product information and so much more from mobile devices. With increased access to content and information comes greater responsibility from the corporation to secure devices and user actions. VMware AirWatch mobile security management helps protect customer information and reduces the risk of a data breach across devices and platforms enabling retailers to meet compliance regulations and maintain operating best practices.

AirWatch helps retailers secure their mobile fleets through:

As retailers develop a mobile strategy they must consider end-to-end security of customer, company and employee information. With VMware AirWatch retailers gain an extra layer of protection for all mobile devices helping to secure critical information and applications. Real-time device and compliance monitoring helps ensure devices and data are locked-down and secure at all times from anywhere.

Whether you are looking for basic device security, automated compliance, advanced security or next-generation security from the device to the data center, securing a mobile deployment from end to end is critical in today’s retail environment.

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