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[On-Demand Webinar] What’s New in VMware Workspace ONE and AirWatch 8.4

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Recently, VMware announced major updates to the VMware Workspace ONE platform, integrated with the new VMware AirWatch 8.4: stand-alone mobile application management (MAM) capabilities, adaptive management technology, new two-factor authentication, enhanced Windows 10 support, support for Apple education technologies and more.

So what does adaptive management actually mean? How does VMware Verify two-factor authentication work? How does it all make life better for both IT and end users?

Watch our new webinar now for a deeper dive into the technologies that everyone’s talking about.

Watch the webinar on demand: What’s New in VMware Workspace ONE and AirWatch 8.4.

Users are the new security perimeter

In this free, on-demand webinar presented by Kevin Strohmeyer, our senior director of product marketing for VMware End-User Computing, you’ll learn:

  • About the basics of the digital workspace and how to deliver a digital workspace that meets a variety of user needs;
  • Why you need to rebuild security perimeters around users, not the data center;
  • How Workspace ONE balances self-service convenience for users with compliance and enterprise security;
  • What the new adaptive management workflow looks like from the user perspective and how these updates are designed to bolster user adoption;
  • What you can expect by combining Workspace ONE with Windows 10 for unified endpoint management (UEM);
  • How Workspace ONE supports the newest features and services introduced by Apple for Education;
  • And more.

“It’s becoming nearly impossible for IT to think about all the different use cases of what I need to do my job, based on where I am and what device I might be using,” said Kevin.

Learn how Workspace ONE simplifies and streamlines workflows for IT and end users and helps you take every business process to the next level.

Watch the webinar now.

Watch the Webinar on Demand

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Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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