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Revealing the Redesigned and Reimagined Socialcast (1)

A Completely New User Experience on Socialcast

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Here’s the big reveal of the redesigned and reimagined Socialcast enterprise chat and social platform! Register for the webinar here.

Big news: Today, we’re revealing a new user experience on Socialcast by VMware.

Socialcast, a chat and social collaboration platform, is a part of our secure productivity apps suite in VMware Workspace ONE. It provides a central place for companies to connect people, information, conversations, content and projects. Socialcast is your secure chat tool, your mobile productivity buddy, your digital town hall, your project management solution, your team collaboration software, your company’s collective knowledge bank and your innovation lab.

Socialcast 7.0 for web and Socialcast 4.0 for mobile accelerates all of these work activities with a redesigned user interface (UI), new chat features and an enhanced mobile experience.

Watch the webinar on demand now to see the new user experience on Socialcast.

Mobile_HomeNotificationsIntroducing Spaces

The new Socialcast UI speeds up the navigation experience, removes complexity and intelligently sorts projects and conversations. So what’s new?

  • Simplify Your Expansive Network: Groups, Challenges, Projects and Town Halls are now simply and elegantly called Spaces. Spaces eliminate the time spent searching through multiple categories to find your teams, conversations and projects. Now, you can quickly find them all in the left navigation panel, sorted by public and private.
  • Get to Favorites Faster: Favorite the Spaces you most frequently visit (indicated by a heart) and use the favorites filter to view all favorites in a consolidated view. You can also use the filter to search for Spaces by keyword.
  • Surface What Matters Most: Instead of alphabetically, Spaces are ordered by activity. Notifications alert you about new activity.

Navigate to your most active Spaces, see what needs attention and connect with the right people in the moment.

More Robust Chat

Mobile_1_1ChatThe secure, enterprise chat experience on Socialcast reflects the intuitive, simplified user experience of the redesigned social platform.

  • Find Your Favorite Social Features: The same features that make Socialcast Spaces so immersive and social—mentioning users with “@,” liking and bookmarking posts—are now part of the chat experience, too.
  • Match Groups to Communication Styles: You can now create Groups according to how you prefer to communicate: via chat, posts or both.
  • Integrate Streams: Set up notification streams tied to social feeds (like Twitter) or business system alerts (like Jenkins or Jira).
  • Track What’s New: Notifications can track new activity related to chat, Spaces and unread @mentions so users can quickly get up to speed.
  • Search Past Conversations: Quickly search across all content—streams and Spaces, including one-on-one and group chats.
  • Control Group Chats: Socialcast community admins will also find extended control over group chat membership and the ability to merge, archive, delete and audit conversations.

Collaborate and Chat Wherever You Are

Enjoy these same updates in the Socialcast mobile app, available for both iOS and Android: the left navigation panel, the ability to create and join chat groups, group admin functionality and more. Download the redesigned Socialcast mobile app now for iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.

Download Socialcast on the App Store

Download Socialcast on Google Play

Get your first look at the redesigned Socialcast experience. Watch the on-demand webinar here.

Ashka Vakil

Ashka Vakil

Ashka Vakil is senior product manager for Socialcast at VMware.

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