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The Government Digital Workspace for Dummies eBook

The Government Digital Workspace for Dummies: An Agency Roadmap to Designing and Deploying a Secure Digital Workspace

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Digital_Government_Workspace_for_Dummies_front-2For very valid reasons, mobile devices and government agencies typically don’t play too well together. Maintaining data security and cyber hygiene across an agency’s desktop infrastructure is hard enough without allowing agency employees and contractors to remotely access sensitive information and mission-critical applications on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

There’s risk involved in managing and monitoring users, data and devices remotely. Devices can fall into the wrong hands following a theft or loss. Information can be purposely or accidently leaked from an inside source. Mobile applications and public networks can breathe new life into advanced security threats and vulnerabilities. Widespread data breaches and accompanying news headlines can destroy public perception and agency reputation.

And yet, mobility within a government setting has the power to transform agency workflows and operations in such a way that the citizens agencies serve and the services they provide—national security, local law enforcement, emergency and first response, medical care, social services, highway, utility, road, park maintenance—are forever changed for the better.

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But where does even the most security-conscious organization begin? How can agencies safely and securely deliver complex applications and resources to the field? How can those spearheading IT innovation spark interest and internal buy-in?

We’ve answered these questions and more in our newly released guide, “The Government Digital Workspace for Dummies.” With an eye on the security implications of a mobile government workforce, as well as the reality of agency budget constraints, cultural opposition and legacy infrastructure, “The Government Digital Workspace for Dummies” provides a tangible framework for agency IT leaders—from the CIO to the IT administrator—to become the necessary change agents to radically improve agency operations and outcomes.

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Whether you’re interested in the possibility of leveraging end-user computing technologies such as enterprise mobility management (EMM) or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to deploy a mobile workforce or are ready to expand your existing mobile deployment to new technologies and capabilities that further advance agency agility, efficiency and service delivery, we promise this guide will provide new insights and takeaways that are sure to be relevant to your agency’s mobility journey now and into the future.

Download “The Government Digital Workspace for Dummies” here.

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Samantha Reid

Samantha Reid

Samantha Reid helps drive global government adoption of end-user computing solutions within VMware’s Public Sector practice.

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