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Win 10’s Anniversary Update, Nougat on the Way and More Top Mobile News

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Happy anniversary, Windows 10!

This week marked the first-year anniversary of Windows 10. To celebrate, Microsoft is releasing an Anniversary Update on Aug. 2, which includes new security features for enterprises and an enhanced experience using Cortana. Read more at TechCrunch.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

It’s a nougat!

Android 7.0 is on the way, and Google revealed the name this week: Android Nougat! Candy puns, commence!

Why haven’t we solved mobile security?

We now have robot lawyers to fight off parking tickets, but we still can’t beat hackers and malware. This week, Google’s CEO got hacked, Skycure revealed that malware is lurking on a mobile device in every enterprise and researchers just discovered possibly one of the biggest trojans ever affecting Android devices. Luckily, No Jitter reported that though we haven’t solved mobile security, it is now solvable with technology like secure containers and advanced authentication.

Meanwhile, Wired broke down why texts are ineffective for two-factor authentication. (Watch our webinar to learn how VMware Verify two-factor authentication works.)

Watch the Webinar on Demand

Welcome to the fast and furious internet.

Global internet speeds accelerated by 12 percent last quarter, according to ARC, and Google is merging a new wireless technology with Google Fiber to speed up cellular networks. Get ready for a world where you can consume even more cat videos per minute.

IoT isn’t coming soon. It’s here.

The Internet of Things (IoT) future may seem far away, but this stat proves it’s closer than you think. According to SiliconANGLE, 65 percent of enterprises around the world are already using IoT technology to produce data-driven business insights.

Plus, there’s this as further proof: Furby Connect.

Early birds get the savings!

Register for Connect Atlanta 2016 by July 31, and save $200 on all access passes. It is going to be awesome.

Connect Atlanta 2016

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Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

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