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Socialcast GIFs

Meet Your Work Productivity Hero: 5 GIFs of the New Socialcast

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Socialcast by VMware, an integrated chat and social collaboration platform—hold on, where did I save this file? Got it. Socialcast provides a central, secure space—wait a minute, who chatted me the next important point? Here it is.

Work productivity isn’t easy to achieve when you have to leave what you’re doing to find the right file or conversation. And why should you have to open lots of apps just to complete a single task?

Socialcast is built to help you overcome common workday villains: multiplying messages, fragmented workflows, an overwhelming number of work apps and tools. Scroll down to see five GIFs demonstrating how the redesigned and reimagined Socialcast platform helps you manage the chaos and streamline your workflow.

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Spaces & Intelligent Sorting

Socialcast Activity Beacon

The redesigned left navigation panel let’s you see and access what’s most relevant in your Socialcast community. Every place you visit in Socialcast—projects, team groups, town halls, chats, challenges—is organized into public and private spaces or one-to-one chats and dynamically ordered by activity. If something needs your attention, you’ll see it first. Plus, you can track new messages by the activity beacons (indicated by the orange symbol in this GIF) so you can quickly see what’s new at a glance as soon as you log in to Socialcast.

Content Management Integration

Attach from Content Locker

Share and receive files directly in your activity streams and secure chat conversations. Attach a document to to your replies from integrated content repositories like VMware AirWatch Content Locker (as shown).

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Real-Time Chat Notifications

Socialcast Chat Notifications

If someone sends you an instant message or @mentions you, you’ll receive a notification directly in your activity stream or current conversation. Chats sync across your desktop, tablet and smartphone so you can check new messages anywhere, anytime.

Chat Social Actions

Socialcast Social Features for Chat

Chat now supports social features, just like spaces and streams, that help you organize and quickly return to your most important work conversations. You can “like” a post, @mention another user in a group chat, use hashtags, favorite ongoing conversations and bookmark important messages.

Reach API Extensions

Socialcast Integration via Reach API

Socialcast can be integrated with popular work apps, like Salesforce, via Reach APIs. With Socialcast plugged in, you can seamlessly post real-time messages to your Socialcast community directly from Salesforce and other work apps. Instead of switching applications, you can loop people in without leaving the app that’s open, minimizing disruptions to your workflow.

The Socialcast team will demonstrate all of the collaboration platform’s newest features and capabilities on Aug. 10. Save the date and register now for the webinar!

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Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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