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Android Nougat Comes to the Enterprise

VMware AirWatch customers can enjoy all the benefits of Google’s Android 7.0 release.

This week, Google began to release Android Nougat (7.0), the latest update to the Android operating system (OS). With this release comes enhanced features to provide more security and end-user controls, so Android devices are optimized for both work and personal use.

Here are some key highlights to this update:

Strengthened Security for Data Protection

  • Set password policies on work apps and specify a work security challenge to unlock the work profile.
  • Suspend access to work apps without requiring removal of the work profile.
  • Delete the encryption key once the work profile is removed from a device to reduce data loss.
  • Enable always on VPN to ensure work data is secure while in-transit.

Improved Management Capabilities for Easy Access & Ease of Mind

  • Streamline deploying a work-managed device by scanning a QR code to setup devices efficiently.
  • Provide transparency so end users understand the policies enabled to secure their devices.
  • Setup corporate Wi-Fi networks with multiple certificate authorities to ensure employees have seamless access in all office locations.

Increased Control for Employees to Use Devices How They Want To

  • Employees are able to disable their device’s work profile to turn off apps, notifications and background sync.
  • Search work contacts from their personal dialer or messenger app to get access to corporate directory contacts for incoming calls.
  • Set data limits for apps to conserve power.
  • Open and resize windows for two apps simultaneously.

VMware AirWatch customers can take advantage of Android Nougat as soon as the update is delivered to their device. Rollout began for Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player and Google Pixel C devices. Since every company has different policies, apps and requirements, users should reach out to your IT team to understand how they are supporting this OS update.

Various carriers and device manufacturers will distribute updates to customers over the next several weeks and months.

AirWatch will continue to add support for additional capabilities made available by Google.

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    1. Blakely Thomas-AguilarBlakely Thomas-Aguilar

      Hi, Al – we’re working quickly to update the Inbox. Please stay tuned to the blog here or our social channels.

      1. Al Maynard

        I will… Eagerly awaiting a fix and willing to beta test. That’s for responding, it’s great to hear you are working on it.

  1. Claude N.

    I find a few issues with AirWatch on my phone.

    1. Inbox app crashes all the time with Android 7 – I have Android 7 on both my Nexus 6P and Nexus 9 running Android 7. I was thinking that it would be fixed with the official release.

    2. Your Agent is totally trashing my battery, I can no longer get more than 8 hours on my phone when I used to get between 12-16 hours.

    1. Blakely Thomas-AguilarBlakely Thomas-Aguilar

      Hi, Claude,
      1. We’re working fast on Inbox compatibility. We’ll post here on the blog, as well as notify your IT team once we have resolution.
      2. Since every company’s AirWatch deployment is different, please contact your help desk about how to resolve the battery issue.
      Thanks for your patience!

    1. Blakely Thomas-AguilarBlakely Thomas-Aguilar

      Hi, Markus, we’re working fast on Inbox compatibility. We’ll post here on the blog and notify your IT team when fixed. Thanks for your patience! ~Blakely

  2. Sudarshan

    I have upgraded my OnePlus3 to Android 7.0 and having this problem that Airwatch crashes/errors out each time I access the application. Sometimes I am able to get past the error and other times not. Sometime I have to reboot the device to get back to the application. When will this be resolved?

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