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Android Nougat Launch Leaked, Kanye Bets on Retail Mobility: It’s Top Mobile News Time!

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Oops! Here’s the Android 7.0 release date.

Google’s due date for Android Nougat, Aug. 22, got leaked, so now we know when to expect the new security features: stronger encryption, always-on VPN, the work security challenge and work mode. has the details on Nougat’s security updates.

Now, if we could only figure out “Fuchsia.”

“Mobile innovation at its finest!”

15 attendees told us what they thought of Connect, the leading enterprise mobility event from VMware AirWatch. Click here to see what they said and register for Connect Atlanta 2016.

AirWatch Connect Atlanta 2016 Register

Kanye confirms: Retail mobility is cool.

Kanye West is setting up 21 pop-up shops around the world with Square-powered iPads to check out shoppers, reports Fortune.

Retail mobility paid off big time for 50 companies that generated half of all sales revenue in 2015 through mobile apps, according to the Internet Retailer 2016 Mobile 500 report.

Nearly half of retailers are also developing and securing internal work apps, but only 1% say they’ve solved mobile security. Check out this new IDC infographic to learn more.

Ford: Where we’re going, we don’t need steering wheels and pedals.

The automaker set a countdown in motion Tuesday to releasing a fully autonomous vehicle by 2021. Find out what you’ll be driving (or rather, riding) in five years at Mashable.

Meanwhile, Uber passengers around Pittsburgh will be the first to test a self-driving taxi (with Uber drivers as backup, per state law) this month, reports The Wall Street Journal.

We know you can’t wait for VMworld 2016. We can’t either.

VMworld 2016 Learn More

So here’s a preview of the epic event in Las Vegas, Aug. 28–Sept. 1.

Treat yo’ self to these upcoming mobility events:

Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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