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iOS Security Alert, VMworld & Microsoft’s Dream of Genee: Top Mobile News This Week

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Security alert: New “Trident” iOS vulnerability discovered.

Lookout and Citizen Lab released findings about a new iOS vulnerability called “Trident.” According to the Lookout Blog:

The attack allows an adversary to silently jailbreak an iOS device and stealthily spy on victims, collecting information from apps including Gmail, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Calendar, FaceTime, Line, Mail.Ru and others.”

ZDNet reported that Apple released a security fix for the vulnerability with Thursday’s iOS 9.3.5 patch.

What happens at VMworld (won’t) stay at VMworld.

The tech world convenes in Sin City all next week for VMworld U.S. 2016. With Fall Out Boy headlining the Customer Appreciation Party and some big tech news predicted, it’s gonna be epic. Check out this fast last-minute checklist for VMworld 2016.

Don’t forget to register for the EUC Spotlight Session with digital workspace pros Sumit Dhawan and Shawn Bass:

Delivering the Digital Workspace: The Transformation of EUC
Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 1 p.m.
Click here to add to your VMworld Schedule.

Not heading to Vegas? Live stream all the keynotes Monday and Tuesday, and watch the Twitter play-by-play via #VMworld.

I dream of Genee.

Microsoft announced an acquisition of AI-powered scheduling tool Genee earlier this week. This “virtual assistant” will be built into Office 365 to help alleviate the painful:

You: “Want to meet?”

Them: “Yes.”

You: “When do you want to meet?”

Them: “I’m free Wednesday after 2 PST, Thursday from 11-1 EST and Friday from 6:25-7:54 GMT”

… and so on and so on and (pulling out hair) so on …

Read the full story here.

Here’s a nugget of info on Nougat. (Say that five times fast.)

Google started releasing Android 7.0, lovingly code-named Nougat, this week. Check out which devices get the new operating system first and how the release impacts your business. Read all about it here.

Noah Wasmer reimagines work—and it’s pretty awesome.

“In the palm of my hand I can do anything … this is the heart and soul of the digital workspace.”

The mobile zen master shares how new technology is profoundly changing the way we work. I dare you to watch this video and not be inspired. Double dog dare you.

Ahhh, snap!

Snapchat, that is. The web lit up with reports that Apple might add “Snap-chat like video” in 2017. This new alleged tech would enable some cool new functionality for its native camera app. Read more here on Macworld.

Event horizon:

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Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely is a brand journalist for VMware AirWatch by day, sci-fi/fantasy book-aholic (and mom of 3!) by night.

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