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Reimagine Work

[VIDEO] Reimagining the Way We Work with VMware’s Noah Wasmer

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Mobile apps and devices make work accessible from anywhere, at any time. So why doesn’t work feel easier and, for that matter, more enjoyable?

Noah Wasmer, senior vice president of mobile products for VMware, says that’s because, up until recently, mobile technology didn’t actually change the way we work. That’s the next step, and it’s happening now.

Watch Noah discuss the next phase of business mobility here and follow along below.

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Reimagining the Way We Work

Noah: My very first job out of school was working for a nonprofit, where my responsibility was to help bring donors to nonprofit programs, to tell the story of the community and bring donors together. To address this, one of the things that we did is we re-imagined how you could take that paper process and make it somehow digital. And we built a website that actually allowed nonprofits to submit their programs and allowed donors to connect.

This was an early re-imagination of taking an analog process and making it digital, but now this is the excitement. We see that we can repeat this process in almost every industry—you know, removing the paper processes of old and making them digital—but not only that, just starting to reinvent and reimagine so that you’re better informed, that you can take action on different programs and projects right in the palm of your hand across any workspace.

2016 Is the Year We Finally Love Our Work

Noah: At the beginning of the year, we made this statement that we thought 2016 would be the year that users would start to love their work.

To get to this vision, we took the aspirational view that, first, we were going to bet on the technologies that we employed at AirWatch to say can we create the foundational, simple way for users to connect to all of the apps, all of the data that they needed? And we made a major bet, and that bet has paid off.

Tech Innovation Leads the Way

Noah: In 2016, now every major operating system now has delivered on this vision of a simple, easy way for users to connect to their apps and data. Windows 10, and now even Windows 10 Anniversary edition, helps to allow a user to simply join to my workplace or school and automatically deliver any app seamlessly, securely, in a friendly way that can help a user get their work done—whether at home, whether at work—no matter what device they’re on.

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iOS continues to completely revolutionize the teacher and student interaction, really, providing this new way to help students not only get access to their applications and content but actually change the way students learn.

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Android for Work, again, profoundly is taking a new approach by helping to make it just simply easy for users to use any app in the public Android App Store, download it to their device in a secure and managed way to really bring that great consumer experience into the world of how you use apps at work.

Profoundly Changing the Way We Work

Noah: The operating system vendors delivered on this foundational piece. But the next step was how do we operationalize, how do we help employees get access to any app on any device?

So it wasn’t simply just e-mail and content, but now that we could actually profoundly change the line-of-business work so that we could take a workflow—that once was impossible to do in the palm of your hand—and now make it seamless and transparent for the user to get work done anywhere, anytime, from end to end.

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And then we get to arriving at the end state that we want, to actually reimagine your work process. To not only say you have access to these apps, but how can we make it lighter, faster, easier. Take that, what we call a “mobile moment” where we pull up information from our device, and actually get better informed, make a decision that’s mission critical to your work, all just by simply glancing and taking a complete action step.

Noah Wasmer Quote

Mobile “Micro-Moments” in Real Life

Noah: Let’s just talk about a few simple examples. One of the world’s largest management consulting firms has managers inside of the field that are oftentimes working with customers. At the end of the week, they require them to fill out an Excel spreadsheet that they would have to do manually; they’d have to fax it into the organization.

So great, we’ve changed that and now made it so that they can do it on their mobile device, but was that simple enough? Did we actually reimagine how that work would be done?

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We know the user. We know how to give them a simple micro-moment now that says, we know that you were at this customer. How many hours did you work? Submit. By just having those two simple fields, we gave them a micro-moment that allowed them to say, we simply and easily can collect this data in real time, make it fun and easy for the user and take away all of the burden of that lengthy process that used to happen.

Imagine in healthcare that now every nurse, every clinician, every doctor walking through the hallway can get secure access to patient records. If they go off of the Wi-Fi network inside of the hospital, no more access to patient records. Right, so now whether it’s an iOS device, Android, Windows device, simple easy access to all of the information. And what this does is actually change the quality of healthcare so that we’re no longer thinking about it’s just data feeds but the re-imagining of how a doctor can spend more time directly with the patient and see technology as an enabler instead of an inhibitor.

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Even within VMware, we took this opportunity to say can we consolidate four different approval systems into one consolidated app. And in fact, now all they have to do, is with a simple tap taking advantage of identify, of secure networking, to automatically login, see all of my approvals, and in one tap, one swipe be able to approve those automatically.

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Work Reimagined: The Heart and Soul of the Digital Workspace

Noah: In 2016 we set this really aggressive agenda. How do we help users love their work? And what’s exciting is to see the operating systems come along, the security and management come along, better security at lower costs, and now really acting as a key enabler to help people reimagine what they do, so that as a consumer, as an employee I have this fast, quick information that says, in the palm of my hand I can do anything, and this is what the heart and soul of the digital workspace is [Tweet This] and why we’re so excited about what we’ve been able to do in 2016.

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We are so excited about where we’re going with the digital workspace, and we’re excited about AirWatch Connect and VMworld where you’re going to see increased stories from our customers, from our partners, and really the evolution of bringing this re-imagination of work to life.

Don’t miss Noah’s keynote address at Connect Atlanta 2016, Oct. 2–6, and put his panel discussion on your VMworld schedule now, “VMware’s Solution Strategy on Mobility’s Evolution to Internet of Things into 2016 and Beyond.”

You can also watch Noah talk more about the digital workspace here at the VMware Radius blog.

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