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ANZ Bank Reimagines Banking with iPads & Mobility

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ANZ is using mobility to completely rethink the banking experience. A fleet of iPads managed by VMware AirWatch help ANZ take the banking experience to where their customers are—online, on their phones, at their workplace or even at digital-enabled spaces within the bank building. Together, VMware helps ANZ fulfill its goal of delivering excellent mobile banking experiences to their customers.

How ANZ Uses VMware for Better Mobile Banking

  • ANZ uses the AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK) to create their own custom mobile banking apps.
  • Bankers take AirWatch-managed iPads on the road to their customers’ locations.
  • ANZ is redesigning bank branches with iPads and other mobile devices so bankers and customers can sit side-by-side anywhere in the branch and collaborate digitally.
  • Customers and bankers use iPads in AirWatch-managed kiosk mode at bank branches to explore ANZ’s digital products for home loans, wealth management and more.
  • Customers can sign in on iPads at the bank instead of waiting in line. The bank calls them when a banker is available.

Take a look at the #MobileGameChanger video to see how ANZ transforms banking with mobility.

“We’re in the business of delivering great customer experience. There’s two ways to do that. One through our people and the other through technology—but the intersection of those two is really where the gold is. That’s where the transformation is happening, and we’re seeing enormous benefits.”
—Claire Rogers, Head of Digital Banking, ANZ Bank

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Designing Apps with the AirWatch SDK

ANZ Bank has used the AirWatch SDK to develop more than 20 custom apps. These include tools for financial products such as mortgages, wealth management and insurance, and an HR app for employees. ANZ bankers use these apps on iPads to meet customers in convenient locations inside or outside the bank.

ANZ also takes advantage of the security and ease of use of AirWatch to help them serve customers better. “The complexity of financial advice meant that to use our iPads effectively we had to build integrated, bank-wide systems that connected to core bank platforms, and then connected to specialist solutions around insurance and investment,” said ANZ’s Gordon Rennie, Innovation Director, Wealth Australia. “Developing and deploying solutions like that was relatively new for ANZ. AirWatch was a critical component in the infrastructure that allowed us to connect multiple systems and deploy them via the iPad.”

To read more about how ANZ brings mobility to banking, please click here.

New Bank Branch Designs Incorporate Mobility, Too

ANZ Bank is developing “digital branches,” bank buildings that have a more open plan and are equipped with kiosks and iPads to make the bank’s offerings more accessible to customers. Bank customers don’t sit at a desk facing a banker; they sit side by side with a laptop or a tablet so both the banker and the customer can see the screen. Because iPads are so easy to use and invite interactivity, customers are more engaged with their financial decisions.

ANZ also uses iPads in kiosk mode for something they call the Discovery Table. Here, bankers help customers learn about applications such as the ANZ website, Apple Pay and the bank’s Grow app for personal finance. ANZ deploys the AirWatch Browser with Guided Access in kiosk mode to the iPads to keep customers in the bank’s apps and prevent them from browsing to other sites.

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Bottom Line: More Productive Employees & Engaged Customers

Being mobile lets bankers see more customers and be more productive. ANZ’s custom apps include tools to help commercial bankers connect with their overseas ANZ colleagues as more business customers in Australia and New Zealand do business in other countries in the region. And when customers can see, edit and even finalize and sign deals on iPads, it helps them understand the bank’s offerings and advice better—and they are more likely to commit to financial products.

Enterprise mobility’s value is in the way it can enable a transformation in that shoulder to shoulder experience for our customers as they sit with a banker. We’ve seen that transformation happen in a number of our apps where, the customer’s so delighted, they sign on the spot. That for us is the prize.
—Claire Rogers, Head of Digital Banking at ANZ Bank

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