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Hybrid Computing Trends: 11 Cloud Computing & Mobility Trends Revealed in VMware Survey

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From personally owned “BYOD” laptops to mobile app consumerization, hybrid computing is the new reality—and one that’s not going away, according to a new cloud adoption survey.

“Organizations reveal their plans for the cloud: embrace both cloud and on-premises technology, creating a hybrid infrastructure for end-user computing (EUC).”

In a survey of more than 1,000 enterprises, our customers revealed staggering hybrid computing and mobility trends.

Get free access to the full cloud adoption trends survey results here.

Work Rises to the Cloud: Hybrid Computing Adoption Trends

Cloud computing and next-gen enterprise mobility intermingle with traditional computing environments in most enterprises. This infiltration spans the width and breadth of the very modern workforce.

vmware hybrid cloud euc survey

EUC Survey Reveals Rising Demands for Hybrid Computing & Better User Experiences

Earlier this year, we surveyed our VMware User Group (VMUG) to understand the implications of cloud technology on computing and enterprise mobility. Here are three of the most eye-opening results:

Read the report for the other eight trends.

1. Mixing On-Prem & Cloud Mobility Is a Balancing Act

Actually, when it comes to enterprise mobility management (EMM), cloud is quickly taking the lead. According to the VMware hybrid computing survey:

  • 29% of those surveyed said they have an “even mix” of cloud solution and on-premises usage.
  • 28% said EMM is primarily on-prem usage.

hybrid computing trends vmware euc

2. EMM Is the “Most Considered” EUC Cloud Technology

Respondents reported that mobility was the most considered or current usage of cloud technology within the EUC technology category, but many enterprises still lag behind.

  • ~16% of respondents currently use cloud-based EMM, compared to less than 10% cloud-based desktop management.
  • ~50% said their organizations are evaluating or considering cloud EMM.

Forecast EUC Cloud Computing Adoption

3. Execs & LOB Leaders WANT Hybrid Computing

Perhaps the most surprising finding of VMware’s cloud adoption survey was that, in many cases, executives and line-of-business (LOB) leaders drive demand for hybrid computing. IT and CIOs continue to lead that march toward the cloud, and the rest of the business is—according to the survey – supporting and, in some cases, driving the transition to the EUC hybrid cloud.

Delivering cloud-based applications to the business was the highest LOB and executive demand specified:

  • 48% IT staff
  • 17% LOB leadership
  • 15% executives (non-CIO)

EUC Cloud Adoption LOB Influencer Trends

Download the free survey results here for more hybrid computing trends, including:

  • The Hybrid Future of EUC
  • EUC Cloud Forecast
  • Factors Driving EUC Cloud Adoption
  • Top Mobility Use Cases and Cloud Adoption
  • End User Demands & Adoption Trends
  • Barriers to Adoption

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