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macOS Sierra Has Arrived! VMware AirWatch Is Here to Support

  • Claire Feeney By

With same-day support for macOS Sierra, AirWatch customers can take advantage of new management features today.

macOS Sierra is officially live! We’re excited to announce VMware AirWatch supports macOS Sierra today. Any eligible devices can upgrade without AirWatch management interruptions.

At WWDC in June, Apple previewed upcoming macOS features. Through the public beta, many of our customers tested the latest features, like using Siri on Mac to help you multitask, find documents or play your music. Get all the macOS Sierra details here.

As an Apple mobility partner, we are committed to supporting macOS devices and Apple programs for businesses and schools. With each iteration of macOS, Apple introduces more enterprise-ready features and management capabilities. These are some of the features are available to AirWatch customers today:

  • New Restrictions: Admins can now push a profile to allow or disable iCloud features, making it easier to prevent users from sharing corporate documents with other devices. Additions include features like backup to My Mac, Find My Mac and more. Apple’s Music Service can also be disabled.

macOS Sierra AirWatch EMM

  • Device Enrollment Program: We’ve also added addition options and account creation steps to provide more customized options to admins. When users unbox their Mac and go through the Setup Assistant, all customized by IT.
  • Admin Accounts: With DEP, AirWatch can also create an admin account for IT, while creating a standard account for the user based on their AD credentials. This retains admin privileges for IT and prevents a user from accessing or changing device settings controlled by IT.

Our customers use AirWatch to deploy, configure and manage Macs with zero touch from IT to eliminate imaging, staging services and deployment teams. Easy app delivery, OS updates and system integrations keep users productive. With AirWatch, you can even deliver virtual legacy Windows apps to run on Mac.

Configuration settings for FileVault, Gatekeeper and more keep devices secure. Integration with Apple services, like Device Enrollment Program (DEP), Volume Purchase Program (VPP), Apple School Manager (ASM) and AppleCare, enable IT to manage devices, apps and security.

Recap: iOS 10 Same-day Support

Last week, we announced same-day support for iOS 10. With new management features introduced in iOS 10, Apple delivers more to the enterprise. We support new features, including Quality of Service (QoS) marking, default communication rules and Bluetooth modifications. Read more in our post from last week.

For more information on AirWatch iOS 10 and macOS Sierra support:

  • Learn more about AirWatch and Apple on our microsite.
  • Check out myAirWatch for support details.
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Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney is a senior product marketing manager at VMware focused on mobility.

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