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Top Mobile News: Apple-McLaren Rumors, Nike Power Laces & MacOS Sierra

  • Blakely Thomas-Aguilar By

The ever-hungry Apple rumor mill churns on—this time about possible McLaren takeover.

Rumors abounded this week about Apple’s takeover talks with McLaren. Read all about it here.

The luxury car company, particularly its McLaren Applied Technologies division, could be a nice addition for Apple’s Project Titan self-driving program. McLaren, however, denied the rumors.


“What about a shoe that would essentially come alive when you put it on? It would sense you. It would become the shape of your foot, and when it came alive it would light up. Wouldn’t it be great if shoes could do that?”

—Tinker Hatfield (how great is that name?!), Nike designer

Wired goes deep into Nike’s secret design lab and chats with two innovative designers who bring “Back to the Future” to life with self-lacing shoe tech. So. Cool. And coming to stores just in time for the holidays. Read all about it here.

macOS Sierra makes its grand debut.

In more Apple news, macOS Sierra is officially live this week. Check out The Verge’s review of Apple’s new Mac operating system (OS), and see how it impacts your business’ Mac fleet here.

Is the U.S. government putting the brakes on self-driving cars?

With tech giants becoming automakers, the self-driving car race has pretty much been the Wild, Wild West. Until now.

This week, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx released a much-anticipated 15-point policy paper designed to “protect public safety, while allowing innovation to flourish.” Read more here.

“Mobile” is not a smartphone.

“The mobile ecosystem, now, is heading towards perhaps 10x the scale of the PC industry, and mobile is not just a new thing or a big thing, but that new generation, whose scale makes it the new centre of gravity of the tech industry. Almost everything else will orbit around it.”
—Benedict Evans, partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Check out these 10 quotes from industry leaders, sharing how mobility is WAY more than just the device in our hands.

First responders tap into the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT is getting real, this time for paramedics, police officers and fire fighters. Read this great article from Network World, which dives into the technical components that help first responders provide better care—faster.


Quiz time: When’s the last time you went into a branch of your bank?


Check out this awesome new #MobileGameChanger video, in which ANZ Bank shares how they use mobile innovation to meet customers where they are.

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Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely is a brand journalist for VMware AirWatch by day, sci-fi/fantasy book-aholic (and mom of 3!) by night.

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