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New! Free Windows 10 Migration Assessment Tool from VMware

Migrating to Windows 10? Remove risks with a quantitative analysis of your end-user computing environment.

VMware just announced a new tool available for customers planning a migration to Windows 10: SysTrack Desktop Assessment Service. In case you missed the announcement today at Microsoft Ignite 2016, here’s everything you need to know.

Click here to read the press release.

What Is the SysTrack Desktop Assessment Service?

SysTrack simplifies your first step towards a modern and secure Windows 10 environment. The cloud-hosted service provides a comprehensive analysis of your end-user computing (EUC) environment and recommendations on an optimal approach for deploying and managing Windows 10. Key environment variables captured in the report include:

  • Windows 10 readiness;
  • End-user behavior;
  • Device inventory and configurations;
  • Software dependency and usage information; and
  • Web and network usage patterns.


Your SysTrack results will reveal which desktops are best fit for in-place migration to Windows 10, device refresh or a virtual deployment. By knowing how your devices perform and applications are used, you can make better, more informed decisions about management and security configurations.

How Will This Improve My Windows 10 Migration?

IT expects to migrate and support Windows 10 within two years for 75% of users, according to our VMware IT survey on Windows 10. But just over a quarter of customers understand the impact of Windows 10 on deployment, security and client management practices.

With SysTrack, you get the required qualitative insights to accelerate migration to Windows 10 and optimize your Windows management to be a simple, secure, cost-effective and user-friendly model. With these insights, you can take advantage of unified endpoint management and cloud-based approaches to manage Windows in a more centralized, agile manner across your physical and virtual deployments.

“The SysTrack Desktop Assessment Service is a step-by-step process that gathers in-depth information for organizations to understand system performance and application usage patterns to give a clear picture on which physical devices can upgrade to Windows 10 and which can migrate to Windows 10 through a virtual desktop. Guidance on the optimal computing environment helps organizations lower the cost of delivering and managing Windows environments going forward.”
—Blake Brannon, VP of product marketing, VMware EUC

Where Do I Get Started for Free?

Here’s how to get your free Windows 10 migration assessment:

Get Started

Aditya Kunduri

Aditya Kunduri

Aditya Kunduri is the product marketing manager for Microsoft platforms at VMware AirWatch.


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