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Noah Wasmer

10 Things We Learned Today at Connect Atlanta

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Editor’s note: Connect Atlanta 2016 has come and gone, but you can relive all the announcements and tech excitement from your desk anytime. Watch all the Connect Atlanta keynotes on demand here.

Gargantuan disruption on the way, new analytics technology, working with smart glasses—here are today’s top 10 takeaways from Connect Atlanta.

1. Swift, Sweeping Change Coming

We are entering into the fourth industrial revolution, said Noah Wasmer today, head of mobile products at VMware AirWatch. Drones are following us, devices are becoming slimmer and more disposable than ever, networks are infinite on the cloud, we’re moving to device subscriptions for constant updates, machine learning is set to rapidly disrupt industries…and yet some of us are still upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010.

With AirWatch, you can step forward into the future while our secure digital workspace makes the smaller stuff easier here and now.

“You guys nailed security and management
—now we can go focus on the fun stuff.”
—AW customer

2. Blake Brannon Illustrates Work with Smart Glasses

After showing off Microsoft HoloLens yesterday, Blake put on smart glasses from APX Labs today to show how assisted reality will create faster, more accurate workflows.


3. VMware Reveals AirWatch Analytics Roadmap

The AirWatch enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform is evolving into an intelligent analytics platform. Scott Kelley, director of product management at AirWatch, revealed that vision today and previewed the types of use cases that would be powered by AirWatch analytics.

VMware also mapped out plans to incorporate machine learning to turn the data collected into predictive intelligence for use cases like device health, academic performance and security. Learn more here from Scott.

4. Jason Silva Explains Why Disruption Is Opportunity

The host of National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games encouraged the Connect audience to think of disruptive technology as “the great enabler” for new ideas and new solutions. We’re “cognitizing the planet,” making the physical world programmable, creating “technosocial wormholes” through chat and extending intelligence into everything.

“The supercomputers of yesterday,” said Jason, “the tools to change the world are now in everyone’s hands.”

We are truly “captains of spaceship Earth.”

5. Diving into Windows Unified Endpoint Management

Windows 10 adoption rates have topped 400 million monthly active users—that’s 2x faster adoption than Windows 7. Aditya Kunduri, Microsoft pro at AirWatch, expands on AirWatch capabilities that transform Windows 10 management in today’s blog, Getting Familiar with Windows 10 Unified Endpoint Management.

“The next generation of devices powered by Windows 10—including the [Surface] Hub and HoloLens—offer new ways for employees to collaborate and deliver both intuitive and powerful ways for workplace productivity. At Connect Atlanta, we showed that AirWatch is deeply committed to supporting Windows 10 across any device and use case and; ensuring a secure and well-managed workspace for our customers.”
—Blake Brannon, VP of Product Marketing, VMware End-User Computing

6. IT Innovation Starts at Employee Productivity

99% of enterprises want to enable mobile productivity for employees but haven’t, feeling it is too complex. Employees want the consumer-simple experience they get on their personal devices, but IT needs enterprise security to protect vital information.

In the Connect session “Shifting IT from Cost Center to Innovation Center,” VMware’s Marshall Anne Busbee and Thirupati Panyala went ahead and solved this problem for you: Workspace ONE. With one-touch single sign-on access to any enterprise app, Workspace ONE delivers the widest variety of mobile, cloud and Windows apps to any device.

And once you give your IT staff a little time back that they were spending solving mobile security, they can accomplish great things. Panyala demonstrated a VMware-internal app that his team developed—in three days—that uses natural-language search and an innovative mapping approach to help our employees find work information and navigate the campus. Here’s to drinking your own champagne!

7. The Scary Facts about Today’s Cybersecurity Landscape

We no longer sit in front of a PC. We’re mobile both outside and inside the office, and that’s changed the cybersecurity landscape significantly:

  • 152% increase in Internet of Things (IoT) exploits reported in 2015
  • 56% increase in intellectual property theft reported in 2015
  • 34% reported incidents cited employees as source of compromise in 2015
TrustPoint at Connect.jpg

Mobility has changed cybersecurity, as outlined in today’s session, “Detect and Remediate Security Threats with VMware TrustPoint.” Are you prepared to detect new and evolving threats?

8. David Pogue Interviews Sanjay Poonen

Watch it here.


9. The Mobility Expo Spotlights IoT

VMware’s IoT Pavilion gives you a glimpse of the future: the Connected Driver, the City of the Future and the  Internet of Fizz. Preview the booths below.

Connected Driver.jpg

Through augmented reality (AR) demos, you can see what the Connect Driver experience will look like with IoT sensors.

[Learn more: IoT in the Enterprise—VMware Is on It]

City of the Future.jpg

Another AR demo illustrates how the City of the Future will use IoT to boost safety, sustainability and efficiency across transportation, emergency services and more.

Internet of Fizz.jpg

Explore how The Coca-Cola Company uses AirWatch to remotely manage and monitor Freestyle machines at the Internet of Fizz.

[Learn more: The Amazing Technology Journey Behind Coca-Cola Freestyle]

10. Tweet of the Day

Read the daily recaps from Monday and Tuesday at Connect here:

Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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