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Mobile Security Alert: 4 Top Cyber Security Horrors, According to the Experts

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Happy Halloween, all! While the world collectively shouts “Trick or Treat!” your friendly neighborhood mobility experts are scared witless by an impending doom, a haunting reality, a terrifying terror looming in every business: mobile security horrors.

We talked to four mobile security experts to explore the deep dark underworld of cyber security. Here are their top cyber security horrors. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Zombie Apps

domingo guerroSome of the biggest threats to enterprise security today are Zombie Apps, and how fitting in time for Halloween. Zombie Apps, also known as Dead Apps, are mobile applications that have been removed from the app store, but continue to live on millions of employee devicesalong with their vulnerabilities and risky behaviors that got them kicked off the store to begin with.


Since these apps are no longer available from the respective app stores, they are no longer being updated for bugs, vulnerabilities or security fixes, and are easily exploited by third parties, offering fake updates and content or targeting known vulnerabilities that were never patched. Our Appthority research team has determined that more than 1-in-4 devices (26.95%) in the enterprise had at least one Zombie App lurking. Can you imagine the horrific security breach possibilities here?


—Domingo Guerra, co-founder and president, Appthority

Pegasus & the Spyware Threat

michael-murray-lookout-headshotJust about a month ago, Lookout, together with our research partner Citizen Lab, reported on Pegasus, a mobile spyware threat targeting high-value individuals around the world. The takeaway from the Pegasus discovery is that the era of the highly resourced attacker going after phones before network or desktop infrastructure has arrived. These actors see mobile as a fertile platform for gathering information about targets and regularly exploit the mobile environment for this purpose.


—Michael Murray, VP security research and response, Lookout

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Invisible Mobile Threats

adi-sharabani-skycure-headshotWitches and vampires might not be real, but threats to mobile devices are. Based on what we’re seeing, people aren’t doing enough to protect themselves. Skycure brings invisible mobile threats to the surface, so that enterprises can fight the bad guys on a level playing field.


—Adi Sharabani, CEO, Skycure

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Insider Threats

kamal-shah-skyhigh-headshotThe worst kind of Halloween gift anyone wants is their company’s name in the papers for the next data breach. But the fact is, companies are more vulnerable than ever, with the average enterprise using 1,678 cloud apps and an increasing amount of corporate data moving to the cloud. What’s even more spooky is 89.6% of enterprises experience at least one insider threat incident per month, and 76.3% of enterprises experience at least one compromised account incident each month.


As companies adopt an increasingly ‘cloud-first’ approach in this new mobile-cloud era, they need to have a comprehensive plan around compliance, data security and threat protection. Have a happy and secure Halloween!


—Kamal Shah, SVP Products, Skyhigh Networks

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Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

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