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Big Reveal: VMware’s Vision for AirWatch Analytics & Business Intelligence

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Today at Connect Atlanta, leaders revealed VMware’s vision for the next evolution of AirWatch: an intelligent analytics platform.

What if you could intelligently analyze your company’s entire usage history of an enterprise app? What if you could understand which rugged devices or apps in your warehouse use the most battery and optimize replacements accordingly? What if you could analyze the time your top performing students spend in school apps and apply that logic to lower performers?

These simple, yet powerful insights could help you optimize app license usage, improve business operations, save money and add new IT value for your company.

Today at Connect Atlanta, VMware announced plans to yield such business intelligence by evolving the VMware AirWatch unified endpoint management (UEM) solution. As an intelligent analytics platform, AirWatch will anonymously glean information from a company’s mobile deployments to better inform IT’s mobile strategy. Additionally, machine learning and artificial intelligence could soon turn these insights into predictive analytics to give IT and the business a competitive edge.

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Business Intelligence Becomes Business Critical

“The technology industry is increasingly turning to analytics to improve and automate processes,” said Noah Wasmer in a press release today.

Indeed, Gartner expects worldwide business intelligence and analytics spending to reach $16.9 billion this year. Gartner also estimates over half of big businesses will use advanced analytics, such as machine learning, by 2018.

Simultaneously, some companies already reached the mature stages of business mobility and are ready for a more advanced mobile strategy. Just a year ago, 20% of companies in a VMware survey reported reaching mobile maturity. Another two-thirds reported immediate plans to move to a mobile-first model.

“VMware AirWatch can evolve to provide this high level of data intelligence for IT and businesses,” Noah continued. “We want to bring our customers predictive and insightful information that enriches and transforms how employees work.”

How Will AirWatch Analytics Work?

VMware illustrated this vision on stage at Connect Atlanta with a tech preview of the dynamic, custom reporting engine coming soon to AirWatch. These dynamic and custom reports will enable organizations to search across millions of data points in their environment to gather exactly the information that’s important to them, and also put into the format that works for their task. Even more, these reports will be exportable to third party business intelligence tools, such as Tableau, to provide rich visualizations of their data to realize trends and patterns over time. The intelligent analytics would adhere to the VMware Privacy First initiative and will only rely on anonymized information and fully protect personal information.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned to learn more about the intelligent analytics platform. VMware also plans to extend these intelligent capabilities beyond AirWatch with open APIs.

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