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AppConfig Community Adds New EMMs to Help Accelerate Business Apps Adoption

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When we made the official announcement at Mobile World Congress in February, the AppConfig Community stood at around 60 ISV partners and four major enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers, including:

  • IBM MaaS 360
  • JAMF Software
  • MobileIron
  • VMware AirWatch

Today at Connect Atlanta 2016, the AppConfig Community is proud to add BlackBerry and SOTI to the group of major promoting EMM vendors. Now, we stand strong at nine EMMs, over 100+ ISV members and 1,000+ developers.

What Is the AppConfig Community?

AppConfig Community LogoThe goal of the AppConfig Community is simple: accelerate mobile adoption in enterprises. AppConfig is built upon tools and best practices using native frameworks, which are available as part of the operating system (OS).

By making it easy for developers to build enterprise applications, IT can manage these standards-based apps using any participating EMM platform.

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Why Is AppConfig So Important?

As a result of expansive AppConfig growth:

  • Customers benefit from a greater ecosystem of business apps;
  • Workers enjoy an improved user experience; and
  • IT admins have a streamlined management experience.

If you are deploying mobile apps in your organization, typically these apps require a level of security and configuration. In the past, ISV developers had to secure and configure multiple app versions for each EMM using a software development kit (SDK). This greatly limited enterprise app ecosystems and typically led to poor app adoption due to user experience.

AppConfig solves this issue for both ISVs and enterprises by providing a framework for developers to follow to make it easy for enterprises to secure, configure, deploy and manage business apps.

Learn More & Join the AppConfig Community

Working together, AppConfig Community members make it simple for developers to implement a consistent set of controls. With this streamlined, EMM-neutral approach, IT admins can easily configure and manage apps according to their unique processes and requirements.

To learn more about the AppConfig Community, see our ever-growing ecosystem and/or become a member, visit

Click here to join the community as a developer, ISV or EMM, and connect with #AppConfig on Twitter.

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