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Is PlayStation VR “The One?” More Top Mobile News

  • Ashley Speagle By

Will we stay in the Matrix or follow Sony into a virtual reality?

Is PlayStation VR “The One” (that will go mainstream)? Many think so. Sony released the virtual reality headset yesterday, and onlookers are counting not only hardware but also game sales (VR content is still emerging). Bloomberg has the news.


Even Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe bets Sony will hook more people on VR, at The Verge.

In other VR news, Android 7.1 will soon support Google Daydream for Android devices beyond the VR-ready Pixel phones.

120 Terabits per second and 12,800 km.

That’s the speed and length of Google’s and Facebook’s new submarine cable from LA to Hong Kong, slated to be the fastest in the trans-Pacific. Read more at TechCrunch.

The weird way we might eliminate passwords.

Fingerprint readers and iris scanners are cool. Sending a passcode through your skin is cooler. Read about the engineers exploring “on-body” data transmissions at The Atlantic.

Mobile is now the default.

People want to see data and content on a mobile device first these days, said SAP Global Vice President Senthil Krishnapillai as he described what’s driving the company’s mobile-cloud strategy. Watch him now on stage at Connect Atlanta 2016 with our head of End-User Computing, Sanjay Poonen.

Can we break this glass already?

Here are five ways we all can help women in tech succeed and lead from our panel of female IT leaders at Connect Atlanta.

What’s scarier than Halloween?

IDC predicted this week that global cybersecurity spending will jump 38% in the next four years. The primary reason: fear.

Appropriately, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Find out how to fight back and respond to ransomware attacks from our Mobile Security Alliance partner, Check Point.

Quote of the Week

“As you connect all these nodes up and think about the number of connections in a hospital or a smart building, as everything gets connected, it also becomes vulnerable. The attack surface is growing tremendously. Across RSA, SecureWorks, NSX and [VMware] AirWatch and our encryption platforms for client products, we have a broad set of capabilities to help customers deal with the cyber challenges that are out there.”
—CEO Michael Dell on the new Dell Technologies at

No tricks, just treats:

Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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