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Sprint Manages 25,000 Devices with 4 People & Other Amazing Feats of Mobility

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When one of the biggest cellular carriers in the U.S. decided to bring more mobility to its retail stores and employees, they chose VMware AirWatch and VMware Horizon Air to help them do it. Here are four ways that VMware helps Sprint employees work from anywhere and be more productive with a secure digital workspace.

4 Fast Facts: How VMware Helps Sprint Be More Efficient

  • Using VMware AirWatch, Sprint manages 28,000 mobile devices and 50 apps with 4 people.
  • Sprint deployed AirWatch to over 1,100 stores and 3,000 devices in 2 weeks.
  • Retail stores reduced transaction times by 30 percent when associates used AirWatch-managed tablets to get out from behind point of sale terminals and onto the sales floor with customers.
  • Sprint will manage close to 5,000 Horizon Air desktops with a staff of eight once the implementation is complete.

How’d they do that?

We have a long history and relationship with VMware. We started just selling AirWatch and then, because of the efficiency and enablement that you get from AirWatch, we rolled it out internally to our field sales force and our retail stores. We wanted to experience the same productivity gains that you get from working with AirWatch that our clients did.
—Kim Green-Kerr, Vice President and General Manager, Small and Medium Business, Sprint

Better Service in Retail Stores

Sales reps in Sprint’s 4,500 stores were limited by stationary point-of-sale (POS) systems. Retail staff now use tablets, managed by AirWatch, to help customers research phones and plans and to process sales. AirWatch is Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliant to protect customers’ credit card and personal information, while remote management and wipe features protect the tablets and the data on them. Sprint eventually wants to remove all its wired POS stations from retail stores, freeing up floor space and letting customers start the sales process themselves on tablets and kiosks.

To read more about how Sprint brought more mobility to everyday business, please click here.

Drinking Their Own Champagne

Sprint began their relationship with VMware as an AirWatch reseller. They began to realize that their own business could benefit from the solutions they were selling. Beginning with retail and then extending to sales teams and corporate employees, Sprint is using AirWatch and Horizon Air to manage thousands of mobile devices and virtual desktops.

Sprint’s business sales team uses AirWatch-managed mobile devices. They receive the benefit of a secure mobile digital workspace, and they are also better able to demonstrate the features of AirWatch as they resell the software to their business customers. “We wanted to showcase the additional power that those devices could have. Things such as app management, having your own private app store, mobile security, asset tracking on the device—all of the benefits that we reaped as a company by deploying the solution internally,” said Wendy Aks, senior manager of enterprise mobility management at Sprint.

I’ve been at Sprint over 28 years. Why do I stay at Sprint? When you think about our mission, it’s very simple: To help people get better. Sprint believes that mobile connectivity is the most powerful enabler in the world today. It allows us to stay connected to our family, our friends. It can help a child improve their education. It helps businesses be more productive. Sprint wants to be that provider that delivers that connectivity to our customers and help them strive to be more, help them deliver more.
—Joe Hamblin, Director of Emerging Platforms, IT Enterprise Services, Sprint

BYOD and Mobile Devices Save Time and Money

The typical desktop computer is mostly used for email and applications such as word processing and spreadsheets. Using less expensive endpoints can result in big cost savings. Sprint turned to Horizon Air for virtual desktops that allow employees to securely work from anywhere and on any device.

Instead of purchasing, imaging and shipping a desktop PC, Sprint sends employees a blank device and a URL. The user logs on, and a virtual desktop, along with all necessary applications, is provisioned instantly. If an employee decides to bring their own device, the process works in the same fast and easy way across all mobile and desktop operating systems.

Looking Ahead to AirWatch Express

Sprint’s field sales teams are also excited about AirWatch Express, a simple and affordable mobile device management solution that they believe will be a real boon to the small and medium sized business markets they serve. Sprint’s vice president and general manager of small and medium business Kim Green-Kerr said, “AirWatch Express will be great because it’s a very simple application, and it really serves the smaller side of the market. Our clients are asking for it.”



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