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Top Mobile News This Week: BI, Smart Glasses at Work, Augmented Reality & MORE!

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From smart glasses at work to BI and AirWatch 9.0, Connect Atlanta was wicked awesome. Here’s all the top mobile news from this year’s premier business mobility event.

Connect Atlanta 2016 was huge—the biggest ever—with more than 1,800 attendees across a range of industries and business sizes. The show was packed with education, networking and, of course, big announcements from the VMware AirWatch team. Here’s a top mobile news wrap up of the top 10 announcements and things we learned from the show.

1. Anybody else have a hankering for dragon fruit?

airwatch unified endpoint management

We announced AirWatch 9.0 (code name: Dragon Fruit), evolving the platform into a true unified endpoint management. What does that mean for you? Your end-user computing team can now manage any endpoint, from phones to laptops to next-gen connected wearables.

And we’re building more mobile productivity capabilities into VMware Workspace ONE, enabling real-time security across apps. All this and more, without sacrificing the delightful end-user experience we’ve come to love on mobile devices. Learn more here.

2. David Pogue & Sanjay Poonen wax tech-eloquently.

After his keynote address, Yahoo Tech founder David Pogue interviewed Sanjay Poonen for VMwareTV. Besides making us all giddy with geeky joy, Sanjay and David talked about the biggest mobile trends, including:

  • The fast-evolving digital workspace;
  • How next-gen app design is all about the experience; and
  • What enterprise computing learns from the consumer world.

3. B.I.-eautiful.

VMware announced a much-anticipated tech preview for business intelligence for mobility. AirWatch will anonymously glean information from a company’s mobile deployments to better inform IT’s mobile strategy. Machine learning and artificial intelligence—two of the most talked about trends at the event— could soon turn these insights into predictive analytics to make mobility smarter. Read more here.

4. As if our geeky hearts hadn’t had enough…

airwatch augmented reality smart glasses

In the Internet of Things (IoT) era, smart glasses are another mobile endpoint that companies must manage intelligently. AirWatch announced that the platform will now support smart glasses for the enterprise. Use cases range from doctors performing surgery with enhanced information about the patient, to students using mixed reality for immersive educational content. Learn more here.

5. Zombies!

During his keynote presentation about smart glasses and IoT, AirWatch’s Blake Brannon had a little run-in with the walking dead.



6. VMware has your BlackBerry alternative: #GoodToGreat.

Now that BlackBerry has announced end of life of its enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, Good for Enterprise, companies need a new mobility solution. VMware expanded the Safe Passage Program to Good for Enterprise organizations. This program helps you perform due diligence and plan your migration. We also announced a mobile device management (MDM) migration tool and service to help IT migrate from Good for Enterprise to AirWatch. Learn more here.

7. AppConfig Community adds Blackberry and SOTI.

The AppConfig Community makes it easy for developers to build enterprise applications by using native operating system (OS) frameworks. With the addition of Blackberry and SOTI, the group now boasts nine EMMs, over 100 ISV members and 1,000+ developers—all working to improve business app ecosystems for IT and end users. Learn more here.

8. The great MDM migration.

Check out this new and super simple MDM migration tool to automate your transition from legacy vendors to AirWatch. Learn more here.

9. Titans of industry.

Six standing room-only Industry workshops brought together IT professionals from healthcare, retail, aviation, education and government to discuss challenges and solutions. Attendees learned about everything from how mobility can truly improve patients’ health to the ways in which aviation companies have to balance innovation with safety. In short, people are doing some pretty wicked stuff with mobility. Learn more here.



10. Is this thing on?!

In a series of Twitter interviews from the show floor, Connect attendees told us what they learned and what they liked. Favorite quote? “The mobility brainpower that’s in this building this week is just outrageous.” Read some of their top takeaways here.



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Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely is a brand journalist for VMware AirWatch by day, sci-fi/fantasy book-aholic (and mom of 3!) by night.

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