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[On-Demand Webinar] Solve the Latest EMM Cyber Threats with VMware AirWatch & Check Point

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HummingBad, QuadRooter, Trident: What’s the next mobile threat?

We spend more time than ever our smartphones and tablets, but can we trust them to keep our sensitive corporate information safe? These devices hold treasure troves of valuable data, which keeps cybercriminals hard at work and sometimes ahead of the curve.

Sophisticated attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in Android and iOS like QuadRooter and Trident are pervasive and persistent. Mobile malware such as HummingBad have infected millions of phones worldwide. These unique and unknown threats are the ones you should worry about most. Without the right protection, these can expose you and your business to significant risk right under your nose.

Available Now On-Demand: HummingBad, QuadRooter, Trident: What’s the Next Mobile Threat?

HummingBad, QuadRooter, Trident-

Join Avi Bashan, Senior Security Researcher at Check Point Software Technologies, and VMware for this upcoming webinar as we discuss today’s cybersecurity challenges and how to secure your organization from the device to the data center.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Today’s cybersecurity landscape
  • How malware campaigns like HummingBad have become sophisticated business
  • How vulnerabilities like QuadRooter and Trident leave you exposed
  • What best practices you should consider for mitigating mobile threats
  • How Check Point and AirWatch work together to keep your business protected

Watch the on-demand webinar now.

Avi is a technology leader at Check Point and former senior security researcher and CISO at Lacoon Mobile Security. With more than 10 years of experience in the mobile, networking and security industries, Avi is one of the main figures in the research and engineering aspects of the company. Prior to Lacoon, Avi was a leading security consultant at Comsec, working with Fortune 500 firms on their vulnerability management processes. He spent four and a half years in the Israeli Defense Force. Avi holds a Bachelor of Medical Science from the Hebrew University of Israel in Medical Studies.



Christopher Campbell

Christopher Campbell

Christopher is the director of marketing product strategy for VMware AirWatch mobile security.

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