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5 Mobile Apps I’m Thankful for This Year

  • Hemant Sahani By

Some studies suggest that an average user takes their smartphone out of their pocket 150 times a day, and each micro-moment lasts between 60 and 90 seconds. Given how often I check my phone and smartwatch combined, I may be beating those averages by quite a hefty margin.

It’s a bit scary to look at this another way, but I might be spending over four hours every day staring at a tiny screen. Luckily, VMware’s mobile apps provide a new level of productivity during mobile micro-moments that urge me to use my smartphone even while I’m at my desk using the laptop.

With the season to appreciate, here are five apps that I’m thankful exist, because they make life—and work—simpler:


1. Maps

I frequently use Apple and Google Maps to navigate my way to customer or partner meetings. Waze can guide me through the best route, or the Maps app can show me public transportation options. Apple Watch makes it super easy to follow directions.

VMware Boxer gives me access to my emails, calendar and contacts. A notification pops up for upcoming appointments with a shortcut to the calendar event. From there, I just click the location in the event to pull up Maps for directions.

VMware’s Palo Alto campus is very big. Even someone like me, who’s been around for almost a year, can get lost on the way to a meeting. So, I use our internal app, vNavigator, to get step-by-step directions to any building and conference room here (thanks to beacons located around campus).


2. Boxer

I check my inbox frequently, even while I’m out of the office. I have personalized the Boxer app to match how I work with email. The app launches me in my Unread smart folders so I can quickly get productive, I have preconfigured templates so I can quickly reply to an email with a swipe and a tap and the swipe options are customized so I can quickly triage my email.

Integration with the secure AirWatch Browser allows me to access all my intranet and web resources, while integration with Content Locker gives me access to all my content repositories, such as SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, file shares, Google Drive and others, right from the app.

Best of all, I have access to email, calendar, contacts, files and intranet from my personal, “bring-your-own” (BYO) device. IT does not manage my device with a mobile device management (MDM) profile because the security is built into the apps.


3. Workspace ONE

I get to use our own digital workspace solution, VMware Workspace ONE, as a universal app catalog. Every work app I need is here—native, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Windows apps—and I don’t need to remember a unique password for each. For example, if we onboard new people to my team while I’m traveling, I can quickly pull up Workday via Workspace ONE to setup and request the required access right from my smartphone.

Workspace ONE is smart when it comes to security. For instance, it authenticates with just my Active Directory (AD) password when I’m in the office, but it prompts me for two-factor authentication on an airport or Starbucks Wi-Fi network.

Beyond mobile, Workspace ONE can also enable BYO for laptops and desktops. After watching the fall finale of “Blindspot” last week, I was able to use my personal laptop to log in to Workspace ONE with two-factor authentication and use ADP to complete the benefits enrollment process with my wife.


4. People Search

In an organization of more than 19,000 employees, I’m still meeting new people all the time. VMware IT has built a custom enterprise app secured with AirWatch to help.

I use the People Search app to quickly pull up information about who’s who. It is immensely useful to search for a co-worker, see built-in org charts, easily contact them or quickly navigate to their office with the vNavigator integration.

Socialcast app

5. VMware Socialcast

Socialcast is my go-to app for enterprise messaging. We use it for sales enablement, finding experts and team collaboration.

Sales teams around the globe can quickly ask questions, and responses are available for everyone in the enablement groups. This prevents email clutter and helps bring teams up-to-speed on new products quickly.

Teams can collaborate in virtual rooms, and rather than holding lots of recurring meetings, the right team members can jump on ad-hoc meetings (with integrations to WebEx, Skype and Hangouts) to solve a problem. It is a blessing for distributed teams. In addition to internal chat, I also use Socialcast to keep in close touch with our customers and business partners—all in a secure manner.

These are all examples of what I call mobile micro-moments. Here at VMware, that end goal drives our innovation process. Read my recent posts below to find out what we’ve recently done to help customers get more from their mobile devices:

Hemant Sahani

Hemant Sahani

Hemant is a director of product marketing at VMware.

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