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7 Favorite Apps I’m Thankful for Mobile Productivity

  • Ashley Speagle By

One of the lesser known benefits of bringing personal mobile devices and apps to work: work-life integration. It might sound like a bloated buzzword, but this alternative to work-life balance simply means that instead of separating the two, workers blend them.

In terms of blending my personal and work technology, I find that one complements the other. I already know how to get the most from my consumer apps, and many provide helpful features for work that do not exist in my enterprise apps.

I can listen to audio that helps me concentrate in the background, while I check work chat notifications. I can send money to my co-worker for a team gift, quickly get back to email, find a new work assignment in my inbox and then open my built-in iOS apps to set a timer and get started.

Mobile apps—both mine and the ones my company provides—integrate my personal and work life so I can be more productive, wherever that may be. Here are seven apps I’m thankful for:

1. Boxer, thank you for reminding me that I had a meeting coming up in 15 minutes so I could jog my heart out back to my laptop while I was out during lunch. Without you, I may never have made it on time to that last-minute meeting or gotten the urgent message from my boss that one time during my commute.
2. Evernote, thank you for remembering everything so I can make more brain space for Netflix. I know I can always multi-factor authenticate my way in from any device to find the top-secret notes and ideas I collect. I think it’s cool you play well with others, like your integration with Boxer.
3. VMware Workspace ONE, thank you for keeping all my enterprise apps neat and tidy in one location on my smartphone. It’s nice knowing I can always find my Socialcast conversations and Office 365 apps. Thank you for not making me log into each app, too. I really hate remembering passwords.
4. Spotify, thank you for giving me a soundtrack for my life. That Brain Food playlist really does the trick when I need to brainstorm and focus.
5. Podcasts appBuilt-in Apple apps, thank you for helping me manage my time on tasks (Clock timer), catch up on the latest episode of Echo ONE (Podcasts), capture inspiring presentation slides (Camera), remember quotes from meetings (Voice Memos) and figure out how to get to conferences (Maps). People don’t give you all enough credit, so thank you for helping me be more productive at work.
6. Venmo, thank you for giving me a quick and easy way to pay my part of our teams’ Boss’s Day gift. I never carry cash, I don’t own checks and I hate figuring out person-to-person payments in banking apps. (Don’t hate me because I’m Millennial.) Your way is much better.
7. And finally, JibJab, thank you for giving me endless ways to stick my face in a GIF. You make it super easy to text or email my dancing turkey self to colleagues, and everyone loved seeing themselves as Justin Bieber’s dance crew in that eCard I sent. I believe the team that laughs together, collaborates better together.

Here on the AirWatch Blog, we’re also thankful to each of our readers, followers and subscribers for joining our growing online community, and we hope we’re one tech blog, social feed or newsletter you’re thankful for, too.

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Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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