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John Britton interview at Connect

[Video] Are We Finally Getting Better at Mobile Security?

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VMware mobile security expert John Britton tells VMware TV where he thinks users and enterprises are today on their cybersecurity journeys.

The short answer is we’re getting there, said John Britton, VMware End-User Computing Security Product Marketing Director, when he recently sat down with VMware TV during Connect Atlanta.

Find out what he thinks was the worst cybersecurity blow to businesses this year, who’s now responsible for mobile security (Hint: It’s not just CIOs) and how he managed to stop typing in passwords at work. Watch the video and read the interview below.

Q: Looking back on 2016, what would you say is the scariest security threat we’ve seen this year?

John: There’s been a couple of things. Lookout, who’s a VMware Mobile Security Alliance (MSA) partner, helped discover Pegasus and Trident. We saw that there’s some low-level vulnerabilities within the iOS product that Apple fixed. That’s somewhat scary.

But, again, it’s just the fact that the threats continue to rise and increase, and our users are still having trouble accepting the fact that they need to get better at passwords, that they need to get better at securing their own data and their enterprise data.

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Q: With the increasingly sophisticated tools available to monitor and detect security threats, are companies finally getting better at protecting against data breaches?

John: They have to! What we learned a couple years ago was that now the CEOs and CFOs—and not just the CTOs or CIOs—are now responsible. If you don’t want your name on the Financial Times or The Wall Street Journal, you’re now investing in security to ensure your reputation is solid.

Q: Is enterprise IT prepared to secure the Internet of Things (IoT)?

John: We’re getting there. The great thing about IoT is it’s brand new. The paradigm is new, but the tools are old. We’re looking at things, and we’re helping companies adapt using VMware NSX, understanding what type of network traffic these IoT tools present and the challenges they present to the enterprise from a bandwidth, from a malware perspective. We’re really trying to get our hands around that so we can help our customers.

Q: We now have so many easier ways and secure ways to log in at work, but why are we still relying so heavily on passwords?

John: I don’t know because there are great solutions out there. VMware Identity Manager makes it so easy. I haven’t typed in my password in months because it’s easy—except for in my personal life. I’m always hitting the forget password button because I just don’t remember these. They’re too long. They’re too complex. I’m not writing them down. VMware solutions make it super simple. I’m connected to my corporate network, I’m on my corporate laptop, and it knows who I am. It just works.

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Q: That’s so huge. It increases productivity and maximizes efficiency.

John: It just looks cool, too. If I have to open up my laptop or my iPad and start working on something, the person I’m working with, typically they’re stuck having to type their password, and I’m having to wait, and wait and wait.

Q: What’s one of your favorite security features in VMware Workspace ONE?

John: It’s the micro-moment where if you email me, ‘Hey, we need to do another interview next week,’ I can go in and quickly tap to suggest three or four times without having to flip back and forth between my calendar, and remembering what times I have available and what times I don’t, and then typing all of that in. Just quickly being able to suggest times for a meeting, to me, is a lifesaver.

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