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[Video] Behind the Scenes of the VMware AirWatch EMM Console

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Wish the AirWatch console could do this or that? Here’s how VMware is making IT’s wishes come true.

The AirWatch enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform makes it possible—and easy—for employees to work in the moment. From a single pane of glass, IT can configure and deliver consumer simple experiences to workers on any app and any device.

Behind the scenes, VMware is ramping up efforts to deliver intuitive, delightful experiences for IT admins, too. Managing mobile apps, line-of-business apps, productivity apps—these tend to be on the edge of IT, where admins have little time dedicated.

Get the scoop straight from Mandy Cornwell, manager of user experience (UX) at AirWatch, on how the company is transforming the way IT works in the console. Watch the VMware TV interview here.

What UX Is and Isn’t

Mandy has worked for over 10 years in UX design with top tech companies, like AT&T and Motorola. Common misconceptions she’s heard about UX: That it’s about creating buttons, layouts and a single page at a time.

Here’s how she sums up UX to IT: It’s about the end result, the entire experience, for the end user.

“The ultimate goal is to create a really positive experience for the customer from when they start using the product to the end.”
—Mandy Cornwell, UX Manager, VMware AirWatch

“We’re thinking about the end experience, the journey, for our customer,” said Mandy at Connect Atlanta 2016. This design process requires her team to wear a variety of hats:

  • Detective: First, the UX team tries to understand the customer’s problem.
  • Scientist: Next, they test their hypothesis and draw conclusions about what works best.
  • Artist: The designers aim to make every digital interface a beautiful one.
  • Accountant: A successful UX design also needs to cover every scenario a user might encounter, requiring a detailed strategy.

Mandy could even call herself a fortune teller, suggests VMware TV host Titania Jordan, because they must also predict how user expectations could change by the time a product launches.

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The Evolution of the Console Experience

“We’re trying to understand how they use things, so we can take that information and decide what the best next step is for the next evolution of the console experience and product experience,” said Mandy. During Connect, Mandy and her team sat down with customers and interviewed them to understand how they use the AirWatch console.

“Our team is relatively small compared to the rest of the R&D organization, but we have doubled in size in the past year,” said Mandy. These strategists, interaction designers, visual designers and content strategists in VMware End-User Computing are a testament to the company’s continued investment in UX. Expect even bigger things to come.

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Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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